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  • staggman99 staggman99 Oct 31, 2011 9:38 AM Flag


    Board members...In the interest of being fair I am posting the link below...Vectren, in Evansville Indiana has a natural gas filling station about two mile from my home base...

    What I do not understand is that it has been there several years and I have never seen anybody getting fuel is not hidden and "I have never seen anybody using it"...?

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    • Board members...I spend and invest my money where I want to spend and invest it...and I also make good returns on my funds by getting tips from other real time investors that know how to make money...

      Anybody that thinks the boys from LINE message board are correct should go to the LINE message board for investment advice...myself, I never take investment advice from proven losers...!

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        "board members....the boys from line mb won't let me spend my money where i want, so all my jibberish on this mb is because of them and they make me loose my hard earned ethanol bush made me vote for him....he twisted my mind and ever since i can no longer be anything but a deceiver, and greedy ethanol farmer/#2 corn producer....WHAT AM I TO DO?

        im just a 14yr old kid who doesn't know any better....i need help"

        stagg/99-a wandering star lost in the ethanol milky way...

    • Board members...people need to practice what they preach, if they like natural gas for fuel then they need to go ahead and use it...

      Natural gas is available at over 200 different places in California...more, I only got $5.49 a bu. from Bunge for my corn, not the prices that others post on this message board...

      Long stupid messages on this message board do not change the basic facts...natural gas is available for fuel at about $1.40 a gallon and people like norris_crappy do not have to use any fuel with ethanol in it...

      How many times do I have to prove some of these other message board raiders wrong...?

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      • Staggering.
        I do not want your ethanol in my gas. But you and your cronies give me no choice.
        What valid reason can you give to use the government to force my compliance with your corruption?
        I used to always buy the methanol gas because it was cheaper in price and delivered 15% better mileage. But thanks to your cronies I no longer have that choice. In fact it was the only retail fuel I could run in my 351 CJ Cleveland engine without damaging knocking. That was before natural gas prices cratered.
        “How many times do I have to prove some of these other message board raiders wrong...?”
        Once would be enough. :-) You are old enough and smart enough to know better but your pride towers over both. Ever read Dorian Gray? I think it would help you.

      • How about at least once since your bragging about doing it all the time...just for starters!

        you can't remember what you wrote five mins ago...and btw, who wrote it applies as well!

    • Board members...Anybody in California that does not like gasoline or E-85 should just fill their vehicles up with natural gas at about $1.40 a is available...

      We have people on this message board that keep saying we should use natural gas for fuel, they should start using it their self....

      More, I have been raising #2 yellow corn for almost 50 years and some people on this message board know more about the cost of raising #2 yellow corn than I they know how much the cost of fertilizer (N-P-K), chemical and fuel has gone up...?!

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      • Wow new low for staggering.
        Just allow ethanol to complete with liquid methanol natural gas as was done successfully for nearly forty years here in FailUfornia. Until Arnie and the Democrats traded mandating ethanol or in other words outlawed natural gas methanol via corrupt government force. Over our objections.
        So let us not pretend the government in general and Failufornia in particular is serving the people. If any one is foolish enough to believe you, Europe and FailUfornia with 12%+ unemployment is your future.
        The farmers went along with it and then they cut off the water using technical case law. The result devastated the farmers with communities taking 40%+ unemployment.
        “More, I have been raising #2 yellow corn for almost 50 years and some people on this message board know more about the cost of raising #2 yellow corn than I they know how much the cost of fertilizer (N-P-K), chemical and fuel has gone up...?”
        All that natural gas really helped keep the cost of fertilizer way down compared to the ethanol corruption spike in corn prices. Bet we could do even better with permitting more manufacturing capacity in America to get the chemical feed stocks off imported oil and out to our natural gas for fertilizer. Competition is good.
        But you do not want help to be the best in the world farmer. You do not want lower input costs or more water. You just want to be a corrupt crony capitalist that does not have to worry about being a good businessman.
        Wasting all you time trying to trick fellow Americans rather than working on your farm. Based on what we do know about you, it is logical to conclude you are a terrible farmer that is always trying to take short cuts and advantage of your fellow Americans rather than even trying to be even good at what you do.
        Knowing how to do something well is not the same as choosing to do it well.
        There is no reason for ethanol. Not one valid reason.

        To answer your question I do this to help my fellow Americans make informed decisions and avoid a FailUfornia outcome.

    • Board members...Evansville, Indiana is not a small farm town (I also have a residence in the country, outside of McLeansboro, Illinois) seems like some people cannot stand for other people to make real money...I am the only investor on this message board that has ever posted real time prices on natural gas fuel...

      The fact is that the use of natural gas by some people is already helping to keep gasoline prices down because the refineries cannot keep up with demand...more, thanks to high oil prices it cost more than $3.50 a bu. to grow corn (previous data is more voodoo economics)...

      At this time there are about 500 natural gas stations available for public use in the U.S. (out of a total of about 1000 for public and private use) i.e. Indianapolis, Indiana also has one for public use....

      Voodoo economics is also when some people think it is better to send 34 billion dollars out of the U.S. than to keep the money at home...

      On November 6, 2011 the Evansville Courier & press is doing a special report in print and on line called "Unmade In American" (it is about millions of manufacturing jobs that have vanished since 2000)...below is the link proving that Evansville, Indiana and the metro area is not a small farming community...!,_Indiana

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      • "Voodoo economics is also when some people think it is better to send 34 billion dollars out of the U.S. than to keep the money at home..."

        Staggering - use natural gas as liquid fuel and there is no need for ethanol at $4.50 a gallon. Money stays right here, truly creates jobs and improves living standards of every one rather than just dishonest crony capitalist.

        Boy you must be a horrible farmer if you cannot grow corn for $3.50 which is higher than the long term average of $2 to $3.

        Every one else can! I would not monkey with the price of corn unless you faced unfair internation competition. But if as I suspect you are a horrible businessman that needs corruption to stay in business then you should go out of business. That is the American way! Merit of you abilities rather than you political connection. That is the system we revolted against in the first place!

        If you believe what you say just let ethanol compete with liquid fuel from natural gas. I if are not a liar you will agree!

    • are right...forget about NG for cars.....we have more oil in this country than Saudi Arabia...all we need is to remove the govt regs. and drill for it, putting counless Americans back to work, reducing the price of gasoline even further....NG is good for heat, thats the way, my REITS...NLY, AGNC and ARR all rose nicely last week...I added to all just before the rise to make things even better...still waiting to get RNO, PVR, SCCO at lower prices....the market will way over bought right now.

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      • rbgambler...Thanks for the tips and the feed back...I have also been watching SCCO....this is a weird market, seven out of ten years we have a "Bloody October" (not this year)....

        The dead cat bounce on my holdings are outstanding this and I and many others on this message board are real investors...we love to talk about investments and trade tips...why should we let others take us away from that...?

        I feel that at this time all of the markets are looking for reasons to go increase in value, and because of this I will keep dollar cost averaging on future dips...! Good luck and keep in touch...!

      • rbgambler

        Just for the record, I noticed you did not mention the issue of food prices, retirees as the recipients of the poor use ethanol by our mentioned ng for heat, and commented that staggeringlee was correct, but not the issue of ethanol and its negative effects on our nation and world....seems a man of 64 yrs old would be sensitive to the issue....did you purposely avoid mentioning it?


      • Ignorant of the subject.

    • Stagg thinks Americans paying $1 a gallon is voodoo economics. As I said he is clearly dishonest.

      Direct use of natural gas is best. But using liquefied natural gas to displace ethanol would still save American $1 a gallon while direct use on natural gas is the same as $1 per gallon.

      Not to mention the price of corn would probably go to a vary profitible $3.50 a bus rather than the world destabilizing unstable price spikes to around $8 ethanol corruption causes.

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      • norris

        and he even has the audacity to start the thread with these words..."In the interest of being fair"

        To whom? the greedy guys like himself or the people striving to make ends meet with their fuel and food bills skyrocketing? Retirees across america are being forced to go without heat, gas, even food to make up the difference in fuel/food prices the ethanol greed has forced upon them.....

        In the interest of brotherly love and compassion, this nation, in fact this world, would be a better, safer place for all if we eliminated ethanol and all the deals associated with it and let the mkt place determine corn prices based upon demand....not the phoney baloney numbers staggerinlee pontificates with..

    • What appears on the surface of this contested issue of nat gas vs ethanol that you continue to strive to find fault with stagg is that comparing a nat gas facility in farm land country with ethanol is a farce as well.

      the farmers will use and support ethanol purely based upon self/greed, (like you do) or obvious advantages of being in corn belt....its available and they have choice....

      whereas nat gas has never been given the subsidies of $6b a yr for 15 yrs or so to develop infrastructure etc....

      your post is a total misleading attempt as to swing popular opinion based upon lil ole indiana farm town.....aples to oranges....

      but nat gas will eventually become the nations more popular fuel used, because even those misled in the past can see that ethanol has never and will never provide the alternatives this nation requires to weed ourselves off FOREIGN fuel.

      The farm towns in america can and will probably stay on ethanol for some time....but sooner or later you can kiss the subsidies good bye, and then we will ask you to provide another look see of your ethanol plant....

      Much as global warming, the ethanol dream is all can fool and defraud the american people for a while, but the gig is up....and so is your self/greed ethanol proclamations.

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