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  • sid66tb sid66tb Dec 21, 2011 9:15 AM Flag

    S & P just downgraded SFL debt...

    see story on yahoo website.............whadda stock!

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    • Board members..."I never do drip on my dividends", I always use my dividends from different stocks to build new positions or I go shopping over my core holdings for value.....

      At his time I am using my dividends (and some profit) to keep building new positions in RNO and PER...and yes, it is still "compound reinvested dividends"...

      My current plan is to take my dividends that are "on the way" (plus, take some profit from AGNC, RSO and SDRL) and buy more RNO and PER...

      I like to see everybody make money on their invested funds...I do not think it is funny when any investor loses money...yet, some people get mad if someone makes money and they laugh at them if they lose money....! Good luck to all...! $tagg...!

    • Susan...SFL is now paying a 18% a year dividend, we get paid for the amount of risk that we take...

      That said, how did you like the "Snap Back" in all of the markets yesterday....? I thought it was wonderful and it came on a day when a lot of my holding went ex-dividend (plus, my over-all portfolio is still on a roll today)...! $tagg...!

      • 2 Replies to staggman99
      • Stagg, let me correct your statement. SFL is not paying 18%. It is PROJECTED to pay 18% if they maintain the dividend at the current rate. Given their history (they have both raised and lowered their dividend) and the tough environment, there is no guarantee that they will continue to pay that amount. It's like saying stock X provides a 100% return because it might go up from $10 to $20. Some of these hi-yield stocks are defended like they are bonds with a set coupon that has to be paid, and they are not. That doesn't mean that you may still show a positive return over a certain period, but that is a far cry from saying that the stock PAYS 18%, thus equating a projection with a guaranteed return. For example, there are some Greek bonds with an interest rate of 150%, but who thinks they are actually going to receive a 150% return on those bonds.

        I know you know this and use short-hand to say what you are really trying to say. You "hope" to get paid this dividend and that is the risk that you are willing to take. But risk does not equate with value.

        As for the snap-back rally, I think it might turn out to be another false hope. I'm starting to get the feeling that the first move in the New Year is going to be down. Sold my MTGE "rental" this morning. Got the runup into their dividend and will get the divy in January but decided I didn't want to stay around.

      • Stagg...I'm beginning to think you're an SFL shill.....the divy will be reduced substantially as you know, debt downgrades are continuing, and you still tout SFL as a good reliable investment.......very bad logic on your part, after losing your shirt on this junk for the last year and a half....are you serious, or just playing games????

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