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  • bayman667 bayman667 Feb 7, 2013 8:05 AM Flag

    Yahoo Message Boards

    Stagg, I read on another message board where you wrote that Yahoo message boards are going to end. If this is true, I'm very distraught. These MBs are a great way for a lot of us small investors to share information and ideas. The SFL board reminds me of an investment club, where a number of people meet to share their research.

    Several years ago, I was part of another great MB but the stock was bought out and the MB for that stock was gone overnight. There were a lot of us who had messaged for years and all was gone. All the relationships were no more. Recently, NYCB changed it's symbol and the MB is no longer there. NTI a new listing does not have a MB.

    I'm not sure what we can do. Does anyone know of a solution to this? Is there another option for us if this happens? Can individuals start a message board? Does anyone here ever go to Investor Village-- I have not been there for several years? I hate to think that all of you on this message board, (although we have never met, I consider a friend) will be gone from my investment life. Somehow we need to find a solution before we wake up one morning and there are no MBs.

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    • Bayman-
      I would be lost with out this message board...
      -one must start a blog with Google
      Not sure of the how to
      but that is the best solution'
      Perhaps STAGG may consider it

      Max the Sarge

    • Two other boards I participate in recently migrated. FNMAS to investors hub and ACAS to raging bull.

      Of the two, I find raging bull far better; both have dated interfaces but the hub may as well be a newsgroup/listserv.

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      • B-man... I do not know if the yahoo message board will be shut down or not, I first read about it from a 'lizahuang message' (on the LINE message board)...I am still hoping it is a false rumor...however, if it happens 'maybe' we can all get together at 'Investor Village' (SFL message board)....I have never posted there (but a lot of investors seem to like it)...if we have to (???), we can all hit the same message board, somewhere else, at the same time (take it over and do it our way)...

        That said, I find it hard to believe that yahoo would give up the 'revenue stream' that they are making from advertisements (???)...fact is, we have a nice group of 'real investors' that are always willing to 'share their wisdom' and we have all made a nice profit from it (fingers are still crossed and hoping the information is wrong)...! $tagg..!

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