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  • usenatgas usenatgas Mar 11, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    GPRE is still rising. It's an Ethanol play and Corn prices are dropping

    and our Brillant Government is mandating even more food for fuel in spite of all the Oil & Nat Gas we are sitting on.

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    • usenatgas,
      With apologies to stagg... your corn/ethanol pitch don't compute in the marketplace with oil as low as it is. To talk about the government getting in the way of ethanol is to laugh. The industry owes its very existence to government subsidies and mandates for ethanol blended gasoline.

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      • I wasn't pitching the Industry (It's STUPID to use FOOD for FUEL!)
        I was pointing out the Gov just continued its mandated use and the MidWest is getting alot of snow which may relate to Higher Corn yields = lower Corn price = better margin for GPRE.
        It's climbing 50 to 75 cents a day for past 5 days and I thought I'd point out a great Stock in a rising Sector. I'm "guessing it will hit $15 then I'll exit with a nice capital gain.
        I realize we normally talk about dividends, but I thought I'd just point this one out (I'm not a PUMPER, just a retired average investor)

      • apology necessary because I agree with you, high fuel/oil prices and the lack of refinery capacity in the US is what caused the demand for ethanol in the first place...there are no longer any subsidies but the mandates are still in place...

        Fuel from food, is a bad joke on the consumers, 'corn prices take a steep drop' and pork, chicken, beef, eggs and etc. keep increasing....they need an excuse to keep raising prices 'so they blame ethanol', even with the drought we still have plenty of unsold corn in this country, plus there is a large global corn crop at this time (Brazil)...

        More, oil prices are 'slowing sliding lower' but the cost to produce oil and natural gas 'keep increasing'...we have plenty of oil and natural gas but we lack a cheap way to produce it....why do we need the 'Keystone Pipe Line' (another bad joke) oil from Canada will only depress oil companies in the US and hurt US railroads...

        Don't forget, we had mountains of unused corn stored and rotting on the ground and people were screaming to make cheap fuel out of it...fact, it is the oil companies that are against ethanol, I don't really much care because I make more investing than I do farming...but it would be nice for people to keep the facts straight...! $tagg...!

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