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  • feral,

    I have to restart the topic since yahoo won't let me reply....

    I am pretty confused at the moment. Yesterday, my Wells account site had a link to a news piece that said ACAS had announced a 90 cent 1st qtr dividend. It had the correct closing price and chided investors who didn't have their recommendation at $13 something back on Feb 27th. I didn't see any news on the ACAS website and today the link is gone. so, I thought I had missed a dividend announcement. Go figure.

    However, I did pick up that the NAV is now something like $17 and change so they are getting closer. I decided I needed to follow it more closely so I bought a couple hundred shares this AM. Now I have a new stock in my stock collection. I also bought back WFC shares today to replace shares I sold a couple of weeks ago. I turned a buck a share profit on that. Meredith Whitney says financials are gonna be good.

    Ever consider TRCD?

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    • ok

      Sentiment: Hold

    • .90 was probably American Capital Mortgage (MTGE). I think oftentimes the 'bots they use to write these blurbs get confused by the similar names between American Capital Limited, American Capital Agency and American Capital Mortgage and end up making errors like the one you spotted.

      I don't know anything about TRCD; my large holdings atm are ACAS, QCOR (wild ride), HHC (slow appreciation), some American refiners (NTI, ALDW) and a variety of Fanny and Freddy holdings (common and preferred).

      Good luck with your ACAS position- if you can hold for 12-18 months I think you'll do well. Watch the price and buy on weakness; like I mentioned, I'll initiate a trading position (or buy calls) if the price approaches/breaks thru $14 (and the only reason I'm waiting for that price is that I've already got a ton of it).

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