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  • john.holthusen john.holthusen Apr 9, 2013 6:40 AM Flag

    Thank you for your positive comments staggman! SFL has been good to all of us by producing a

    strong regular dividend and inadvertently providing a nice gathering space on this message board. I've picked up many great suggestions and ideas from you and other "regular posters." SFL has allowed me to "flip" my shares 3 time this year (as mentioned in first post) and once last fall for very nice profit. My only worry now is the next entry point to "re-load." I'm a buyer at $16.30 but will start to rebuilding at any dips below $17.
    I agree with you on SDRL. I sold my position in the high 38s but I'm now rebuilding. Their "debt" represents ships under construction with long term drilling contracts already in place.

    ARLP is my other solid producer. I loaded up in the mid 50s collected a nice dividend, and sold most at $65 back in Jan. I may have out smarted myself as the stock did not drop back as much as I thought it would and I'm having trouble getting a good re-entry point. ARLP and NRP both have great long term supply contracts at good pricing locked in. There should be no problem for these "Coal" stocks continuing to pay their strong dividends.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Stagg....The above reply to you appears as a "new topic" with my Registration Name. It was meant to appear under the Topic "Something is taking SFL nicely higher in a "DOWN" market I'm going to take some profit at $17.50"....... posted with my normal board handle "usenatgas"
      Obviously I should refrain from posting until I have at least 2 cups of coffee!

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      • john (aka N-gas)...thanks for the complements, you have made my day...we have been lucky to have built a nice message board that is about investing and not religion, politics or name calling...this message board has made me 'a lot of profit' from excellent tips from other sharp investors...

        The wisdom on this message board is outstanding because we have been able to stay focus on investing and sharing disagree is also good when investors give a reason and not get personal...

        That said, I have 'strong feelings' about ARLP (yield about 7%) because of several reasons...First, I sold a coal lease to them in Hamilton County, Illinois....Second, ARLP is very close to opening a new coal mine near my farms in Southern Illinois....Third, most of the coal from the new mine (White Oak) is being moved by way of of the Evansville Western Railway to a river port (that is also owned by ARLP) a few miles from my home base in Evansville, Indiana for export to China...Fourth, I know 'for a fact' that the new 'White Oak' coal mine will be the 'most efficient' coal mine in the world...

        I do not hold ARLP at this time as I have been waiting for a drop in share price 'that may not happen' (I missed the last drop because I did not have available funds at that time)...I also feel we may have a strong market pull-back 'after a mid-summer rally' but I also feel that SDRL and ARLP
        will shine bright later on this year...! Always remember, that I reserve the right to change my mind at any time without prior notice (lol)....! $tagg...!

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