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  • rbgambler99 rbgambler99 Jun 13, 2013 3:48 PM Flag

    ARR and WMC....Great Moves, STAGG and Mark!

    I am still looing for a pull back in QCOR, KFN, WLL and NOG (Bakan Oil plays, and they just keep going up!
    What do you guys think abour GAUBX here? Seems safe, but so did PETDX. and HIX.

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    • This is one crazy market. In addition to the ARR that I bought, I bought some in the money July calls on MTGE betting that they will keep their dividend at the same amount. The announcement is due soon. We will see, but I had bought an earlier dip, and I didn't want to commit too much capital to this in case I'm wrong.

      I also closed out puts on CHKR that I bought right before their distribution announcement. I decided to test my theory that the royalty trusts run up into their divy announcements because of the expectation of a large yield and then collapse. CHKR went from just over $17 to the low $14, but it was difficult to close out the puts because the spreads were so wide. I saw a dip this morning and blew out the balance that I had left.

      The new volatility is certainly added opportunities to trade. I would still prefer to see a good-sized correction to add more longer term positions. Just because the market rebounded today, it doesn't mean that we are back in the uptrend. The longer we go without a 10% correction, the larger it is going to be when it eventually comes. Don't get greedy. Opportunities are made up faster than losses. GLTA

    • gambler...this is why I don't like to put a bunch on funds on the sidelines...when we get a snap-back we can lose even more by not being in the markets....That said, in the past I did not like GABUX and now I do because it has been doing very good and it pays monthly dividends....

      WMC (yield about 22% when I bought in early today) is up over 8% to today and that is not bad for a high yield stock...ARR is also doing great...however, LINE and EVEP are doing terrible (I am glad I sold those for a profit a long time back)...! Keep the faith because the money gods are smiling...! $tagg...!

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