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  • safetymargin0 safetymargin0 Mar 29, 2002 10:44 PM Flag

    we could see easily 68 3/4 beforedown

    You guys are poor excuses for speculators . Your all green beetween the ears . I've followed Coke and what they want. it's called lots of profits! Now the soda market is tapped out read KO's 10k but beer is a market they know, it's called beverages! now the Coor's family is conservative as sin, they didn't buy Carling in England if they didn't have a deal with someone that wanted a Global presence. Did toy think the stock is going up everyday cause it's random ! it's Coke as the buyer and the price for a global beer company is above 103 in KO shares. One more aquisition for RKY perhaps a merger with the big south africa beer company or in australia then into KO's arms!

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