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  • cbvvcvvdee3455 cbvvcvvdee3455 May 3, 2012 11:16 PM Flag

    It is all about J A M B A

    I listened to the conferencec call today and I think I heard the term JAMBA about 60 or 70 times and that is a conservative number on my part. Should I drink the kool aid and keep the rose colored glasses on? After all, SNAK has come from the ashes to below a buck to historical highs in a rather short period. So let us be objective for just a minute. Their biggest revenue driver by far (Jamba) is via a licensing agreement; not by a product that they can call their own home grown. I want to drink the kool aid and by the story mgt has laid out. Certainly SNAK mgt tries to do their best to sell the kool aid to potential shareholders; resorting to placing their ticker symbol on all those TGIF products nd doing the public relations road show with analysts; the locals in Arizona appear to be drinking the kool aid; but these are many of the same people that bought Arizona homes when they were double the value if what they are now. I find SNAK products a unique kind of niche but mgt has not laid out where the capital is coming from needed to drive revenues. They are paying down their deby slowly but surely hich is good; but they operate day to day with a razor thin amount of cash on the books; their is little room for error hen you operate a business that way. In the interim; I will continue to monitor their story; it is a rather interesting niche player.

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