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  • smoothinvestorguy smoothinvestorguy Mar 8, 2008 2:05 PM Flag

    ACTUAL/ACCURATE P/E Numbers for YGE...

    Price to forward earnings is real easy to figure out.

    Take the current analysts estimates and divide by the share price. If you are looking at Yahoo's numbers, those are NOT in US dollars. You need to take the estimates and divide by the CURRENT exchange ratio of 7.66.

    So, if you look at Yahoo's earnings estimates for 2008, you will find that 12 analysts expect YGE to earn 6.51. Take 6.51 and divide it by 7.66. Then you come up with 85 CENTS in American Money.

    So 12 analysts have earnings estimates for 2008 at $0.85/share.

    Take $15.29 divided by 85 CENTS/US (2008) and you come up with a forward 2008 multiple or price to earnings of 17.9 times earnings.

    Take $15.29 divided by $1.75 (2009), which is 13.41/ by 7.66 and you come up with a forward 2009 multiple or price to earnings of 8.7 times earnings.

    So, 2008 forward p/e is 17.9x

    ....2009 forward p/e is 8.7x

    With POSITIVE cash flow, Gross Margins expected to be above 23-24% for 2008, with 60-70% revenue growth expected for the next two years, and trading at a historical lows in price/earnings and price/sales ratios, this stock is really a bargain at just 8.7x '09 earnings!

    Pay no attention to idiotic predictions on any of these threads that are not backed up with some kind of analysis.

    Blindly saying "this is a POS" or "this stock is going to $10" is nothing more than some amatuer punk trying to create fear.

    And certainly don't pay attention to this RG guy. He appears to be a legend in his own mind...constantly telling everyone what an awesome trader he is and how he always manages to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. This is an ego driven individual who is need of some humility. He's on my ignore list, which makes this thread alot more enjoyable to read.

    I'm a buyer in the $14's, and if it goes lower, than GREAT! If you like the stock here at 4 bucks above IPO price, than why wouldn't you like it even more if it does go lower?!

    BUY a 1000 shares, and come back in September and you will be up BIG TIME!

    I know my email confirmed orders are slowing down in Spain and one or two analysts are questioning the quality of revenues, but so be it. I wanted in at $13, but I started instead at $14.

    I see YGE as one of the big survivors of the industry. LDK is driven by daytraders. FSLR is the leader, but way overpriced. STP is the biggest in China, but I wouldn't buy unless it goes lower.

    In conclusion, YGE has a great reputation in my country and a great reputation accross Europe!

    BUY shares here and you will definately be rewarded by the end of the year when this stock is trading north of $35/share.

    And check out of my top picks in the Nas100 index. Trading at 3 and half year lows!

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