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  • jwm1031 jwm1031 Feb 16, 2012 10:33 AM Flag

    If You Want Green Energy, Vote Democratic

    Unfortunately we don't have many choices. I don't like anyone running, but can't stand Obama and his lies and socialistic tendencies so ABBO. We need a balance budget and people need to look at Greece and see that you can't live off of other peoples' money, you have to earn your own.

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    • Obama ran on change, change for the worse. I don't know anyone who can trust the guy, even Democrats in his own party are losing trust in him. Democrats have to choose Obama though if they want a chance to pursue their agendas, but they don't have to like him. My choice when it comes down to election day is "ABO"-- Anyone but Obama.

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      • You're exactly right, but you may be being a bit simplistic. Obama promised change, but he cannot effect change if the Repukes stonewall every attempt.

        Consider Obamas attempt to raise taxes on the rich. The Repukes have signed a contract with a lobbyist promising not to raise taxes on the rich. Why should the middle class subsidize the rich? Why should there be so many loopholes for the wealthy that billionaires pay less than most of the middle class? So far, there are no changes because Repukes have stonewalled.

        The Repukes have declared war on everything and everyone and this includes Obama. In reality, it's difficult to blame Obama when he can't do what he promised because of the interference of others. He's just the President and he's not a dictator. Things have to be voted on.

      • Agree with you 100%

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