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  • martelxo92 martelxo92 Jun 8, 2011 3:05 PM Flag

    Price Action

    By no means whatsoever does our current revenue or cash flow situation justify the stock price tanking. There is a fear in the market and I don't know how low it will push us but I'm telling you that we are doing fine financially and you'll see this in the 2nd quarter report.
    You will also see higher guidance for 3rd quarter as current revenue pacings suggest this.

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    • Martel- Hope you are not pulling your hair out..TVL is my big loser now..In at about 4.40...CRaZY low price now...I think TVL better buy..bigger markets etc than GTN...both are crazy low...not selling still think good revenue reports going forward?...Increased GOP Field can only help Political Advertising..Romney, Perry,Bachman,Paul and even Huntsman will spend some BIG $$$ 2012 will be BILLIONS SPENT EVERYWHERE.

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      • Tiger, dont' expect any good revenue news in the 3rd quarter report and don't expect good guidance for 4th. You can expect record revenue and cash flow in 2012. This price is crazy low for the value of these stations. The deal with Fox yesterday will only increase cash flow next year. Short term expect more bad news. If you can hold for antoher year expect good times because at this price I would expect the company to start buying shares.

    • Dear Martel,

      Sold almost all of my GTN at a nice profit...EVERY other stock I sold last week has continued to go down...AKS, ECTY, AMLN...made some money on all of them but this shaky market scared me..I saved a good chuck of change unloading stocks last week...I sold some TVL at 4.75- which is about what I paid for it..but held onto a bunch of TVL because I can't see it not going to 10-12 bucks in a year or two. I fear a bumpy ride back south of 11,000 or lower. If so TVL will drop somewhat too...but I believe it is fundamentally strong...I'm looking for bargains- Do your own research people- don't listen to me.