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  • daninfw04 daninfw04 Aug 12, 2012 5:22 PM Flag

    Breakout Soon

    Nobody can pick an exact time without a lot of luck but IMVHO TVL is about to breakout. The next 2 resistance levels are the absolute lowest and weakest you can have. The support below is middle range but strength almost at the top. DaninFW


    Number of times a stock has stopped at a resistance/support area, the more times the stronger the area.


    Amount of volume occuring at resistance/support areas, the higher the more significant the area.


    4.19, at resistance, 4.13 ± 0.12, type Triple+, strength 10


    +6.7% at 4.47 ± 0.13, type Single, strength 1

    +16.5% at 4.88 ± 0.15, type Single, strength 3


    -7.9% at 3.86 ± 0.12, type Double, strength 6

    -16.2% at 3.51 ± 0.11, type Double, strength 10

    -21.5% at 3.29 ± 0.1, type Double, strength 9

    -27.9% at 3.02 ± 0.09, type Double, strength 10

    -34.6% at 2.74 ± 0.08, type Double, strength 10

    TVL is currently at the upper end of current range and once it breaks and holds above $4.25 we're off to the races. DaninFW

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    • Great call on the TVL breakout. Now if only that dog with fleas, BLC, could break over 8.40 (it has been about 1.5 yrs since it was at that level last).

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      • Dan(infw) has been a fantastic prognosticator on stocks but is always about a month or two off. So, when Dan says he is buying or selling something, wait a month and do the same. He sold BLC and GTN a little while ago so I am getting a little nervous about my holdings in those two stocks.

        If I lived in Texas, I would buy Dan a steak dinner for all the help he has given the board (and to me). Thanks, Dan. You are the best!


    • Great call. be continued.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Curious: What do you think about the several gaps dipping down to 2.98 in late July? MUST they be filled? Does the lack of big volume negate the adage "all gaps must fill?"

      I agree this issue is poised for a breakout, and I've made my bets accordingly.

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      • I'm not really a technical person but I look at them. Actually, the technicals are only 5% bullish and 95% negative on TVL at this point. However, my take is that a lot of the volume when we broke below $4 and even $3 was extremely low. As a sector the broadcasting group usually goes up double+/- the market and the same when it dips down. IMVHO many investors are still haunted by how close many of these players came to bankruptcy just a few years ago. Many compare them to what is happening with newspapers. I think the future is actually very bright and in a worse case scenario the spectrum alone is worth what these stocks are currently selling for. Not much downside. I also do not think that TVL must fill those gaps. One or two large buyers or sellers can move this stock very quickly in either direction. Many times it can move up or down 5-10 cents on 500 shares. The bump in EPS expect from 95 cents to $1.24 is major. If you factor in the benefits from the proposed acquisition for next year and consider that estimates for 2013 in the last 30 days have gone from 61 to 69 to now 71 cents.....that means at least 90 cents in 2013 and probably 95 cents+ in a non-political year. That means BLC will beat BLC in 2012 $1.24 to 95 cents and 95 cents to 77 cents in 2013. BLC is at $7+.........which means TVL should be $8+ using same metrics. If we can get the JV to profitabilty by end of 2012 and surely in 2013 we could easily be $10-12+ in 2014. Not a lot of opportunities like TVL. DaninFW