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  • dinksfinanceblog dinksfinanceblog Mar 5, 2009 11:03 PM Flag



    You are the only one discussing race here.

    By the way, the chairman of the GOP, Michael Steel is an African American.

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    • People tend to forget there were 4 years of a thriving economy, not 8 years of destruction. Wars tend to create deficits. It has been an UGLY two years with the Dems in charge of Congress. It interests me that the libs claim racism whenever we disagree with Obama's policies. Frankly I could give a rip about the color of his skin, could be blue for all intense purposes. His assault on the investor class is very disconcerting. He is creating panic to further his agenda - one I disagree with by the way.

      60% of Americans are the Investor Class, through 401ks, pensions, personal brokerage, IRAs, etc. We are being wiped out. Its time he pay a bit of attention.

      Back to the subject of PVX. Anyone adding here?

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      • I was doing quite well until the dems took over congress, that's when the stock market started to tank. As for PVX and all other energy trusts I think we will have a rally when Obama's energy policies tax the crap out of us and the price of energy skyrockets. I will hold all the way down while collecting the dividends but I refuse to put one more cent into this market. I know this is not the place for political discussions but in this toxic environment created by the dems I just can't separate the stock market from politics lol -THE CONSERVATIVE RESISTANCE

      • I might add a bit, but frankly, in this industry I don't want to overly concentrated in one stock. At this point I'm looking at more conservative investments for my monthly income.

        Right now I like VBMFX, its only got a 5% yield, but its a bit more solid than the energy sector right now.

    • well, yes, apologies to fiero if that really wasn't the case. tho, to read a lot on these message boards there is a fair amount of underlying prejudice disguised as 'rational conservatism'.

      however, i'd like to point out, and it may be purely coincidence, that yes, michael steele is black, and jindal is indian, and of course, the female hottie from alaska. and it is kind of funny how a republican party in election disarray is only now raising such visibility to non-white conservatives. personally, i think it is exactly a response to an obama election and a pretty transparent attempt to appear 'inclusive'. or - find meaningfulness.

      i still stand by my statement regarding 8 years or 96 months to slide and only 45 days to recover?

      i did grow up in the south, so please pardon my southern exposures, but there was a term for this; 'uncle tom'. if it really doesn't apply, so be it. my bad.

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      • It is not the Republicans and conservatives that focus on race it is the the Democrats and liberals that do that. This last election was all about race, sex, and age rather than issues because if the Democrats try to debate the issues they will lose every time. They must appeal to the LCD's(lowest common denominators) people who do not think and just vote based on race, sex, or age. It is these people who are the true racists, sexists and agists. I feel sad for black people because Obama will not be the president they want him to be because he has his own socialist agenda and will be too busy implementing that to be a good role model. -THE CONSERVATIVE RESISTANCE resistance is not futile