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  • buzz60016 buzz60016 Nov 16, 2010 12:16 AM Flag

    Bull in a Bull Market

    Watching the market today, wild 50 cents moves in a 15 minute periods - A lot of paper investors being whip sawed.

    Silver has moved far and fast from the high teens. Almost too far, and too fast, thus a PULL BACK.

    Maybe a bounce, maybe more than bounce ?

    Maybe a bounce and a more shake out days ?

    Only time will tell.

    A lot more sellers being visable.

    Kitco was NOT offering any American Eagles (Silver) a few weeks ago.

    Now Kitco has all the Silver Eagles for sale, even the Monster Box sealed from the US Mint.

    This correction could go deeper than some think.

    Silver once hit $50 then fell for the next 20 years to a low of $5, with many little false starts.

    Time will tell.


    How high can silver go ?

    Talk of $100 is sad.
    For silver to go to $100 would mean a total crash of the US Dollar.

    The dollar will go lower and bounce around. But with trouble in Europe and Japan, the US Dollar wins by default.

    Silver to the moon. Do not be stupid. Nothing goes to the moon.

    Look at ebay, a lot of new sellers of silver.

    The tide has changed, at least for the moment.

    I like to look at BOTH sides of the coin.


    What if the stock market crashed, and holders of silver were forced to sell to raise money ?
    Silver could fall into the mid teens again.

    I doubt the stock market would crash - but anything is possible

    Im holding for now

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    • Without government intervention, the POS could very well reach 50 at the end of this month because of short squeeze. But when JPM, i.e., government agent lose big money and lose face, they will simply change the rule of game.

      Like the banning of short financial during 2007~2008 crash, canceling order on the flash crash day, raise margin exclusively for silver contract, etc., it is very hard for us to make money.

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