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  • buzz60016 buzz60016 Nov 16, 2010 2:01 PM Flag

    Bull in a Bull Market

    JP Morgan, CME, Comex, are too big to fail.

    They can and will change the rules to fit their needs.

    Silver and gold will go higher, not a question of IF, rather a question of when.

    But first, this current correction might go deeper than most think ? Might not ?

    Physcial holders do not have to sell, just hold and add for the next 5 years or 10 years.

    Instant gradifaction will not happen. Seldom happens.

    Gold will not go to $5000
    Silver will not to $100
    Unless there is nuclear war, complete crash of the US Dollar, or some wild event. Unlikly Rare

    Life will go on as it has for the past 3000 years.
    Up and down, with movements smoothed over time

    Silver moved far and fast higher, now is correcting lower.

    I doubt gold and silver is a bubble yet.
    But when gold and silver is a bubble, all bubbles fail.

    Tech bubble lasted several years, ended in 2000

    Real Estate bubble lasted much longer, ended in 2006

    When a bubble ends, it is a very long time before it comes back - very long time.

    When the gold and silver bubble ends, no of us will live long enough to see it reinflate again.

    Many sellers coming out of the wood work now.
    Ebay is fooded with sellers.

    Kitco premium for metals has fallen.

    How long and how deep will the correction go ?
    I do not know

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