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  • abedzaza abedzaza Feb 23, 2011 3:42 PM Flag


    This thing has become real dangerous..
    I don't think Buyers of PSLV know anything about what they're doing.

    When the spot physical price is up by 20 cents and PSLV is up by 40 cents, it raises an eyebrow.

    I closed my position at $14.30, maybe too early, but a bird in hand is worth 10 in the bush.

    There is DEFINITELY something WRONG with this stock, and by WRONG, I don't mean the HIGH premium only, but there is something lurking.

    How could SLV and Silver Spot Price up by 27% since its recent lows of $26.50 while PSLV is up by 64%

    You want more evidence? Check PHYS, teh physical gold security by same trust, it mimics PRECISELY the price of SPOT GOLD. Only physical Silver is doubled!

    I locked my profits and I'm more than content.
    Good luck to all.

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    • Not a chance! This hasn't even started. Compare this to PCLN, CMG, GOOG, and AAPL. This sector is the hot sector now. Why? It is real money investments.

      PSLV is likely to be $100 stock soon. Only less than 1% of people are even aware of it. When the daily volume starts showing 10,000,000 shares you will finally get it.

      Give it 30 days from now and then tell me I'm wrong.

    • Guess you know WHY it seemed so high back then. It was because JPMorgue was on their way to paying over $50.00, closer to $60.00 an ounce, to close out their March short positions on the CRIMEX.
      Wonder when they will pay $150.00 per ounce?
      PSLV should be about $75.00 by then.
      Time will tell; as it always does.

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      • CRIMEX is in hot water.

        But as usual, the crooks on Wall Street will change the laws, or get a bailout.

        The US hold 8000 tons of gold. That is the reported amount. Tungston or not, 8000 tons of gold is a lot.

        When gold gets to $3000 or $5000 (IT WILL) The FED will start selling its gold holdings. The FED would sell silver, if it had any.

        When the FED starts selling gold in 500 TON lots, the price will both gold and silver will come down. The bubble will pop.

        But until then - enjoy the party.

        The price of both gold and silver will double from here. An easy double.

        Easy double
        Triple is a far fetched

        Some will make a lot of money here. Most will forget to sell at the top.

        The real fools, those who wait to buy at $50 or $60, then hold all the way back down.

        How high will PSLV go ?

        $30 or $40 max.
        PSLV is trading about half of spot.


        Could silver go to $150?
        Anything is possible.

        If you knew the cost to mine silver - then you know $100 is not probable, at least not in our life time.

        Time will tell

        But for now - Silver, Gold, and OIL is a buy.

    • LOL....its not something wrong, it something right.
      and you misread it.
      stop whinning and buy your shares back.

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      • When the price of silver goes to $50 - Try not to brag about being smart, as the rest of the world will be feeling the pain, of the FIAT FAILURE.

        The US dollar will crash, but will take a major haircut.

        The FED is printing, and QE3 will come. And come with a price of inflation.

        Silver will go to $50 or $60, which means, todays price of PSLV will double. A double is nice, but not spectualr.

        Some mining stocks will triple, most dow stocks will get cut in half. It is not of question of WILL THIS HAPPEN, rather a question of WHEN IT WILL HAPPEN.

        1 YEAR - 5 YEARS - 10 YEARS, I do not know

        Interesting times we live in.

    • it could be:
      1) SLV float is larger, so a sizable order will not affect the prices as much. PSLV float is much less, so a significant order (buy/sell) tend to exaggerate the price movement.
      2) An preference for PSLV (perhaps because it's cheaper?) as opposed to SLV
      3) Eric Sprott said not too long ago that he had trouble getting the physical bullion. That implies he will not dilute the stock anytime soon. ALSO, he mentioned that even in the event of another offering, the price will be very close to the trading price.
      4) The latest 1 oz American silver eagle auction price from Ebay is around 37 dollars. That's about 12% premium(not including shipping. It is obvious that the demand for the physical is enormous, hence driving up the premium.

    • And you are crying because the farther it climbs, the less that you are going to make on it in the future and the more you could be making now.
      With the current situation in the mid-east and china more than tripling thier purchase of silver over last year...


    • Looks like a reasonable premium over the BS Spot price, if you ask me:

      Intraday Indicative Value** $13.08
      Intraday Premium/Discount Calculation 14.95%
      (Data last updated Wednesday, February 23, 2011 3:59 PM EST)
      Intraday Premium/Discount Calculation is the premium/discount expressed as percentage of the trust unit's Last Traded Price against the Intraday Indicative Value. Intraday data only populates during active market trading hours.

      Units Outstanding 57,500,000
      Previous Closing Price $14.75
      Trading Volume 2,157,344
      Total Ounces of Silver held within Trust 22,298,540
      Total Market Value of Silver held within Trust $737,802,940
      Total Net Asset Value of Trust $742,910,760
      (In U.S. Dollars. Data last updated Tuesday, February 22, 2011 6:00 PM EST)

    • Been matching SLW in its movements as trader/marketer of silver, the physical portion of the ETF seems to enchant players. This may reflect distrust of the ETFS with less commitments to control of their asset accounting.

      I would prefer SLW

    • actually, i dont care i have nowhere better to put cash atm

    • you mean to imply they play futures?

      couldnt it be trader computer activity, speculating on the stock as it mimicks the spot movements?

    • I have done the same, and trimmed my CEF holdings as well.

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