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  • petechamps21 petechamps21 Mar 5, 2012 11:08 PM Flag

    Ted Butler's Reply

    TF Metals spells it out for those who have trouble getting it.

    "I asked Ted about this when we did a podcast. His main thesis is that, by shorting, one creates two beneficial owners of the same shares.
    Guy A owns 100 SLV
    Bank A borrows GuyA's shares and sells them short to:
    Guy B who now also is long the same 100 shares that Guy A is long.
    So, now, what happens if both A and B move to redeem the shares? Must Bank A come up with the 100 ounces of silver at that time? If Bank A is only subject to supplying the metal if and when a redemption is requested, the effect is similar to the naked shorting of a Comex contract where the seller (bank) is never forced to deliver, either.
    You see, I think he has a point. Borrowing and shorting MSFT is not the same as borrowing and shorting an ETF which purports to have a 100% physical backing."

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