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  • harmonium2002 harmonium2002 Apr 15, 2013 11:36 PM Flag

    PSLV is 20% cheaper than silver bullion

    Because of PSLV shareholder's option to convert their shares into physical delivered silver bullion, PSLV can be considered as silver bullion without the storage and insurance cost.

    If you go and check precious metal dealers like kitco, you will notice PSLV is about 20%. cheaper than the dealers prices.

    To me, this a screaming buy for investors who want the physical silver.

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    • The online metals dealers are ripping people off right now IMHO. They are charging over $30 bucks for silver eagles and maples while the spot price is currently around $23.50. So that means they are charging $7 dollars over spot?? And they are offering to buy from the public at $25 bucks. On top of this there are delivery delays.

      What this tells me is that the physical price is truly starting to diverge from the paper (fake) price. Demand is far outpacing supply as the price drops. Does that make any sense? Oh and on Ebay eagles are going for roughly $31.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • iwynne2002 comments are accurate. Until the dealers get large new supplies from the mint (which might be a problem ) the difference in price might persist for a while. This is why PSLV which can actually be considered as bullion is so attractive. In my opinion, the message from the market is accurate and it tell us that investors prefer the real physical bullion and is willing to pay the dealers price and they are ignoring the paper fake paper price of silver that has been created by the use of massive amount of options by the crooks want to continue their party in their creation of fiat currencies.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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