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  • Brennus01 Brennus01 Jul 28, 2009 6:37 AM Flag

    So sorry if you're long OLN

    They just guided to negative 36 cents next quarter...ex on-time expense recoveries.

    MINUS 36 cents.

    As I've said, the dividend is not as secure as everyone thinks. And this is before the ammo bubble has really popped in earnest. It's more bleak than I thought. Now I'm not even sure they'll maintain ANY dividend...once ammo goes OLN might not even be able to maintain positive earnings.

    And ammo will surely go. Ammo mania is well & truly a bubble. When it ends Winchester results will be below historical norms for years.

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    • Brennus or whatever the hell your name is, you are TRULY and absolute fool. Of all the stock you can get on yahoo and bash, you bash a value stock that is trading at DECADE lows.

      Then you start talking about a bubble in ammo? Are you for real? How many people do you know that own guns? I know more people that have no guns than do, so their is a huge potential market for guns/ammo. Why do you talk about an ammo bubble, but you do not mention a video game, cell phone, etc. bubble? Your "so-called" bubbles can last for a long time.

      OLN trades at ridiculously cheap levels and has a SOLID balance sheet. If the economy continues to stabilize, this has TAKEOVER written all over it.

      Again, you are an annoying troll. Why don't you go bash TRUE bubble stocks like AAPL and AMZN and GS, which provide services of absolutely NO VALUE and sell/market items that NOBODY TRULY NEEDS.

    • "Third quarter 2009 earnings per share are forecast to be in the $0.20 per diluted share range."

      As for the 331st consecutive quarterly dividend, they have been paying .80 a share per year for over 10 years. That 6 or 7% looks pretty good compared to any money market fund. OLN is not a daytrader stock, but a good solid company. It will trade in a range of $10-15 for quite a while IMHO.

      If you are looking for some action, trade CIT.

    • I've never seen you post anything positive about olin. You've got to work for a short

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      • WHY IS IT THAT WHEN SOMEONE DISAGREES WITH YOU DIE HARD LONGS (even when what they post is indisputably true), you come up with these idiotic expressions, like "you must work for a short", etc etc?

        has is never occurred to you that this is an extremely speculative stock play, and that perhaps it is not as secure an investment as you may have thought?///

        By the way, I bought under $11 and sold half for over $14, for $3-plus gain....Also sold $12.50 calls for a nice premium as well. Glad for the quick profit on the shares i sold, and do NOT expect to repurchase them, given the guidance.

        Why not grow up, and admit this wasn't the best of companies to invest in, especially at a price over $12.....INSTEAD OF MAKING AN AZZ OF YOURSELF, by riduculing someone who happens to disagree with you!!!

        GROW UP!!!

      • You can do a simple search on the forum using my User ID & prove yourself wrong. If you're interested...

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