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  • bigfatty_guns bigfatty_guns Mar 30, 2012 12:39 AM Flag

    Homeland Security buying 450 million 10mm bullets

    over 5-years and some 172 million 5.56mm.

    I guess Homeland Security want free target practice on taxpayers. We know they've never stopped a terrorist.

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    • The 10mm bullet is very expensive (double the px), as compared to the 9mm. My son bought a Glock 10mm and it is leading me to bankruptcy to keep his ammo up. I have not seen a cheap Winchester 10mm target bullet

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      • Hi, this is gun guy raised in Texas who happens to collect 10mm handguns and also happens to be a securities trader.

        First, to clarify the original post, DHS and ICE are buying 450 million .40 S&W cartridges from ATK (Federal, Speer, CCI). Specifically, Federal's HST (the best non-bonded hollow point bullet on the market IMO) :

        (.40 S&W and 10mm use the same caliber bullet, but they are different cartridges. I don't know of any law enforcement agency which issues a 10mm handgun currently.)

        Just fyi, bonded bullets like Winchester's PDX1 and Speer's GoldDot are often preferred by law enforcement agencies as duty rounds when there is a potential for needing to shoot through the front windshield of an automobile. That's where non-bonded bullets fail, and someone trying to run over a cop is a not unusual.

        Now for those few of you (cmontx and ?) who care about shopping for 10mm ammunition, the cheapest place to buy 10mm ammunition is online from Parabellum Research, Buda, TX:

        The "value line" (currently out of stock) uses reloaded brass and should only be used for plinking, etc.

        By far, the best 10mm ammuniton is made by DoubleTap Ammuniton:

        Yes, it's expensive, but DoubleTap specializes in 10mm, and they load the cartridges to full pressure (37,500 psi). For CCW, I would recommend the 125 grain Barnes copper round, the 135 grain Nosler JHP, or the 155 grain Barnes copper round. Also, the "Equalizer" round is really fun to shoot. It contains two projectiles instead of one. A 95 grain lead ball is packed behind a 135 grain JHP. The ball hits higher than the JHP. This gives you two shots with one trigger pull. If you live in a rural area and aren't concerned about over penetration, the 165 grain or 180 grain "Bonded Defense" are excellent choices. (They use Speer Gold Dot bullets.) For hunting or critters, the 200 grain WFNGC hardcast lead has the best penetration.

        If there's any question about the quality of DoubleTap's ammunition, they have the Alaska State Trooper contract. That's quite an endorsement. (Watch "Alaska State Troopers" on the National Geographic Channel to see what they encounter.)

        I wouldn't use Winchester's 175 grain 10mm Silvertip HP. The Silvertip is an obsolete hollow point which does not expand reliably. It wouldn't be worth Winchester's time or money to improve the design since most of the money in ammuniton is LE and military, and they don't use 10mms (except for some special forces in the military).

        If you've read this far, you must be interested in firearms. The 10mm round was actually adopted by the FBI at least partially due to the failure of 9mm Winchester Silvertips in a firefight between FBI agents and two bank robbers in the 1986 Miami incident in which two agents were killed and five were wounded. After reviewing the incident, the FBI concluded that they needed a more effective round. This led to the adoption of the 10mm round by the FBI. The FBI soon concluded that a full power 10mm had too much penetration and recoil, so they lightened the load into a 180 grain bullet traveling at around 1000 fps. Then the FBI decided to shorten the cartridge (since there was less gun powder in cartridge), and thus the .40 S&W was created and adopted by the FBI. The .40 S&W is still the standard issue for the FBI, and Winchester currently has the FBI contract with their 180 grain PDX1 round. (I picked up 1000 rounds on the cheap from a contract overrun, and I'm pleased with them!)

        Any further interest in 10mms would more appropriate here:

      • so buy some OLN and at least you'll feel better buying ammo.

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