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  • mdaacn mdaacn Nov 6, 2012 3:29 PM Flag

    If Obama's Actual Birth Records Would Have Been Released, He Would Never Have Become President!!!

    If Obama's Actual Birth Records Would Have Been Released, He Would Never Have Become President!!!

    You Saw Obama Run & Hide, Obviously Dodging The Facts:

    ~ From Donald Trump's Offer Of $5 Million, To President Obama's Favorite Charity...

    ~ Simply For Obama Revealing His College Admission & Grade Transcripts...

    Now Something Is Rotten Therein, As Obama Ran & Hid From Donald Trump's Offer, When Those Very Same Records, Should Have Been Part Of His Vetting To Be Nomination For President Of The Good Old U.S.A., Period!!!

    Verifiable Facts!!!

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    • It's true, also they want to disarm the people, because we are wise to fractional reserve currency, we can never pay the debt off. If I create 1000 dollars out of thin air, and this is the total money supply and loan it to you to buy an ar 15, but in our agreement, you need to pay me 1001 dollars back because that is the interest off course. You default and I take your property, because there is only a 1000 bucks in total circulation. You understand this scam is coming to an end. Its highly illegal, and it destroyed America and made us debt slaves, when we collapse we will be become a one-world order, under the control of the world bank. If we paid the debt, there would be no money in circulation, as the money supply increases the debt increases. It was meant never to be paid back. This is the scam man, and Obama might just become the dictator. My god, this is happening in my life time, once you understand the banking scam, and why they need to destroy your rights, to make this scam legal. It's not legal now. There was a case, in 69, daily vs some bank, I forgot. any ways he proved; the bank dint put up anything of value, and they cannot foreclose. It was a fraud on contract. The bank created money out of thin air. Since we have a constitution, the man won. The judge agreed. Type in central banking explained on you tube, and they explain it all with this case. We are going to have a revolution; people are waking up to the scam. Educate all your friends, and your family on this. This is the reason.

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