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  • ntack5 ntack5 Jan 29, 2013 10:21 AM Flag

    Why the big drop?

    OLN crushed the estimate.

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    • It is interesting to see the positive price action after the next quarters projection. OLN can't get enough materials to expand Winchester. Yes pricing may help but If you can't put out product the store shelves go empty or with someone elses ammo. Recently I went out to purchase ammo like everyone else and Winchester products were no where to be seen or scarce if best. Ended up buying other ammo.. Once you've bought, unless your target shooting there is no need to buy more. The biggest part of OLN's business is chemical speciality and that is dead. And their projected further slowing in that part of the business. So unless someone can tell me how you make money when the large part of your business is floundering and the great part of your business is limited due to material shortages. I think this might be a $20 stock first before it is a $30. But heck anything "gun" related is a big winner. Right...

    • This company is going to be restructured. They have lived as a safe dividend payer, but someone is going to energize the board. There are no mid-cap chemical companies anymore.

    • I think some people are selling on the guidance, which was lower than estimates for next quarter.

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      • The more they stir the gun control pot, the more ammo sales will increase or remain at the current pace. Whoever thinks that that trend will change in the near future is deluding themselves. Ask any weapons owner if they have purchased ammo recently or plan too. Those that say the PPS has already been reflected by the blow out earnings is quite possibly wrong too since they couldn't know it would be this good.IMO

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    • read my previous message. someone put up say 100 shares for sale at 21.50 with a high speed computer. when the price fell thousands of stop losses kicked in and tons of stock was dumped on the market for sale. at that point this individual bought lots of stock at a low price which they will sell later today when the stock price recovers... when volume is this low it's easy to manipulate a stock.

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