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  • gordon_jared gordon_jared Apr 25, 2013 6:44 PM Flag

    Q1 2013 - Beat on EPS and Sales

    Q1 results are out. EPS of .50, vs. .47 average estimate. Sales of $630 million vs. $612 million estimate.

    Chlor alkali sales down YoY, but Winchester ammunition sales grew about 30%. Dividend remains at .20.

    There's some confusing statements (at least to me) regarding current cash that may require looking at their financials later. It looked like cash flow improved but cash on hand was lower, at least as worded in the release.

    Still, it should get a healthy round of buying tomorrow on the back of this clearly good earnings report.

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    • I am really disappointed with the Winchester growth. With the ability to sell all product at any price I would have assumed the would have been able to easily increase ammo prices by 15%. That would mean they were only able to increase production by 15%. Running 24/7 with six months of backlog I would have thought you could have pushed a extra 40-50% of product thru the system if you were trying. It makes me believe that they don't trust the demand to continue and therefore were in no rush to increase production. I am a believer in future demand exceeding historical levels by a significant amount and think they missed the boat by not being able to ramp up production faster.

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      • why raise ammo prices by 15%?? why would you want to gouge hard working, honest americans?? the price to produce ammo haven't risen by 15%, has it?? I don't know about their production capacity but I sure in the hell don't want to pay 15% more for it.. ammo will be back on the sales shelf at some point in time.. if Winchester prices are up 15% or more, I will look to buy other brands and I know a lot of people who feel the same way...

    • Lower guidance on the call driving the stock lower despite the beat. Grr. That's ok, I expect to hold it for awhile.

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    • What a goofy company. It really needs to be split up, and the fact that the board won't do it makes me think that they are a bunch of entrenched old fogies collecting their director fees. Next year chemical sales will improve and Winchester sales will flatten or decline. I don't want to wait for a perfect combination of events to drive the stock.

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