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  • wonwood wonwood Jul 16, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

    Ammo Shortage

    Coming up on 7 months with nobody having any 22LR or 9mm ammo in stock. That is plenty of time to add productions lines. If they don't increase ammo sales at least 30% in the quarter than somebody in charge of that division should be let go.

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    • Wonwood. I don't believe the energy is there to get a 22 on the shelf. I have read your last 20 post and you seem pretty sharp. I never worried about stocking up on ammo because it was always purchasable. I started following this closely two months ago. The ammo is simply not hitting the stores. A case or two a week is a joke. Strange how China doesn't ship ammo but they flood the market with everything else. I have seen more OLIN product on the shelves than the other guy. At the rate we are going, we will never fully replenish!! Read between the lines. If this helps, I do see the 9mms not a lot but they are there. To get a 22, partner with a group for a luck out chance and share. I have seen some M-1 (bulk) hit the shelves.
      good luck

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      • I have found a little 22LR ammo at Walmart. They actually have a great real time app on the iphone that updates inventory and search all stores in your area. It actually updates sometimes before it hits the shelf which is helpful.

        I have seen estimates of 22LR US production at 2.5 billion rounds per year. That sounds like a huge number but that is only 9 rounds per US citizen per year. I imagine that every AR style 22 that gets sold probably adds at least 1000 rounds per year in demand, at least the first few years anyhow. According to google there are 58,000 gun stores in the US. That is a paltry 158 rounds per store sold per day if that number is correct.

        IMO when the Sandy Hook event sent all ammo sky rocketing the everyday shooter started shooting more 22 since it was the only reasonable priced round to shoot. You can't afford to target shoot at 60 cents a round. Once the "shortage" hit however I think every one is stocking up to the tune of 1000% of normal levels. I know I never will be caught with less than 10,000 rounds again if I ever get my hands on it. I have about 375 left. Talking with other gun owners, stores, shooting ranges, etc. All say the same thing. "I will never get caught in this situation again". Most people cant afford to stock up on 5000 rounds of 223 or 44 cal but typically you can get 5000 rounds of 22 for $200. If you own a shooting range and you have been 7 months without and 22LR ammo I would bet those guys have orders in for hundreds of thousands of rounds.

        My point being that some people think demand is probably 150% of normal. I bet it is 700-1000% above normal if they could make that much. It won't last forever but OLN and ATK could sell %300 of their normal volume in 22LR for the next few years easy. IMO that warrants increased production.

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