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Cellegy Pharmaceuticals (CLGY) Message Board

  • danielfordham danielfordham Jun 28, 1998 8:33 PM Flag


    This is the kind of post this board will be flooded with if you (Wyattkap) keep hyping this security on unrelated boards.

    Consider yourself warned.

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    • Sorry I posted something over your heads. If you
      understood what was posted, I clearly gave direct direction
      for those more experienced investors that enjoy
      selling puts in stocks that they are very familiar with
      and have confidence in there trading range. When you
      see similar posts on different boards, it is because
      it is a very exceptional STRATEGY. A STRATEGY is
      something that you can apply to many different companies
      under similar conditions. (When a stock is over sold
      you can either buy it and go long, buy a call, or as
      I prefer - sell a PUT. By selling a Put I put money
      in my pocket that very day and I only sell Puts at
      strike prices I would love to own the stock at less the
      Put option premium. Further, I never told anyone to
      buy any of the stocks I mentioned, but TAKE a LOOK
      this is what I am doing and if it doesn't apply to you
      or it is over your head ignore it like most stable
      adults. Someday maybe you will all be in the position
      where you enjoy generating thousands in cash flow each
      month just because you can and it is great to expand
      your portfolio into great stocks like LBOR and CLGY
      with profits from other trades. Investment boards
      should be used to pass on information, ideas, cautions,
      etc. Unfortunately, 90% of the posts we all have to
      wade through is foul garbage that inexperienced BS'ers
      like yourselves dribble out on a regular basis. You
      dribble before you think and don't take the time to
      communicate like adults in control of your emotions to
      understand higher level investment strategies that you can
      use to increase your annual returns. Best of luck
      with your portfolios, I do wish you rookies the best!!

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      • I check out a lot of posts on unrealted stocks on
        other boards that I watch. Most of them turn out to be
        dogs!! However I was impressed with your knowledge of
        the CLGY and the fact that you have owned LBOR for 5
        yrs... that told me that you're a prudent investor.

        Well, I checked out your information and the charts...
        I liked what I saw and bought in. It looked to me
        like CLGY is getting ready to EXPLODE.

        I have
        gained a lot of knowledge from savy investors like
        yourself. I recently discovered options... buying puts and
        calls. I would like to know more about your option
        stratedgy on writing puts and calls. If you are willing to
        help... my e-mail address is

        I also think that 90% of the posts on the boards
        are BS and offer no information... mostly prayers.

        You might check out the TALK board... call options
        might make a lot of $ as someting is getting ready to
        happen on the stock.


      • hi.I followed a message on another thread left by
        wyatkap..I have to admit it looks suspect when one sees hype
        all over yahoo by the same poster....I am rather
        interested in CLGY,though..can anyone verify if any large
        portions have been sold? thanks in advance...try to keep
        respect to others in your posts and you will have a much
        more pleasant board ! : )

    • Now that I have your attention, consider yourself
      warned again against off-topic posts on other

      Visit the LOCK board if you need any more proof of what
      Wyattkap's inconsiderate posts can do.

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      • I agree! Others thought on other threads, SI for
        one, that at 8+ this stock was a dog, now its just
        barely above 5. Why try to hook others in, other then to
        try to float your boat with our dollars! If this dog
        runs great, let others find it through their efforts,
        if not and you hooked some poor soul shame man! Do
        unto others...