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  • greengiant87 greengiant87 Mar 18, 2014 2:53 PM Flag

    Please don't tell me you're going to fall for the new Seeking Alpha Scam......

    Dude wants your shares cheep that's all those BS bashing articles are....Hold your shares!!!

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    • They keep talking about the mistaken "market cap" as evidence that the stock is "over valued". There is no market cap for this industry yet. We are at the beginning of the race! It isn't even legal for #$%$ at the Federal Level yet. It is an ignorant mistake to compare these pre-legal startup companies with any established Corporations.... And they use this to scare people.... Long PHOT. GLTA.

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    • I find it very "convenient" for SA to publish the article when we went up to .777 yesterday. I almost feel like the AUTHOR is a basher even though in the end it saids, "I have no positions in PHOT blah blah blah"...BS! Number 1, how are the readers ever gonna know if the has or has not such? 2. You know the commercial "you can't believe everything you read on the commercial"....How comes SA does not have "you can't believe what you always read in this article"....

    • Boycott seeking Alpha and everything associated with them (advertisers).

      Throng buy on PHOT and FITX as we'll.

    • Didn't SA do a story about a month ago to buy phot then a week later bash phot.
      Do a Google search "seeking alpha lawsuit" then pick news. The list is long and varied.
      I just wish I had some more cash available to buy into this dip

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    • Scamming Alpha. I hope they get sued for libel.

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      • NOTICE! They did not run the numbers per plant, 1 plant at 4lbs times 16OZ X 300$ and oz. RXNB will accelerate plant growth, allow perpetual grow cycles of about 35 days and protect plants from adulterants giving 4lbs of product. The lame piece was not factual and very incomplete. A 12 year old can do the numbers. How many green houses and acres FITX and PHOT has? You would think he could add. HOW can you do a respectable piece with out the 1) infrastructure building GIFT program 2) FITX ownership with many acre's and production facility 3) brick-and-mortar locations (California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire 4)Joint Venture (JV) with Vape Holdings, Inc. ( 5. Joint Venture with Nevada based CANX 6) 40 million capital infusion and PHOT's 45% interest in Organic Growth International- JV with CANX- NOT EVEN mentioned?????????????????? 7) FSPM partner???????? 8) RXNB has a pharmacy division, ??????????????????which dispenses prescription drugs direct to approximately 50,000 patients per month in the US. RXNB owns a distribution network, which supplies approximately 2,700 clinicians with tailored functional medicine across the US. VERY Noteworthy to a real analyst piece. ITS the whole picture and putting it all together which adds to the stock and PPS. LOOKING backward APPLE IBM and MSFT would not ever bought under valued. WOW he sounded like he did not even read up on the stock.

    • Seeking Alpha are getting sued right now for similar attempts to manipulate stocks down.