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  • filmomatic filmomatic Mar 11, 2002 4:07 PM Flag

    Dignity adverstisements

    "The Mark of Respect"
    "A symbol of trust, superior quality standards, and attentive care," scrolls the electronic marquee. Does the endless repetition of empty or dubious claims somehow imbue them with truth? SCI's public relations department believes so.
    "Yet so much more; a higher level of funeral care," with regard to price, this is probably the only honest statement in the ad.

    Is the advertisement of a business, funeral-related or otherwise, illegal? Are there any rules against schmaltzy, tug-at-the-heart-strings ad copy for the purpose of (ugh) "branding?" No, and no. Advertising blitzes, however, have long been recognized for what they are - a grab for your dollar - rather than what they masquerade as - a benevolent service to "inform" the public.
    Why is this more problematic for the funeral industry? Like it or not, the manipulation of words and images in order to profit from death just happens to strike people (when they think about it) as crossing a line.
    I'd like to reintroduce a largely defunct word to describe SCI's latest marketing campaign. I'm sure only the eldest on this board will recognize what it means, for everyone else has long abandoned the concept as irrelevant, since the base and tasteless sells so well in so many arenas.
    That word is "VULGAR."

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    • <EOM>

    • Hey baddy,

      I'm still very much here, simply been parked along the sidelines watching as Rosey & The Silhouettes perform their version of "Happy Days are Here Again". I'm no curmudgeon, so given the recent rise in shareprice thought it prudent to let the bulls have their day in the sunshine.

      Thing is, hardly any cheerleading, of any kind, has surfaced on this forum. That suggests to me that few have much faith in what their own eyes are seeing.

      The Company will have to finalize arrangements for credit lines and surety coverage. Also, current maturities for long term debt represents a hurdle that will have to be overcome. New equity issuance is probably not a feasible alternative to raising funds, therefore more reliance on debt seems most likely. And, since debt reduction is a key plank in the Business Plan, asset sales and margin improvement become the areas wherein the Company will be required to demonstrate its ability to execute. Meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking.

      I'm waiting for the SEC financials to be posted, as well as receipt of my copy of the Annual Report. Now is a good time to respite.

    • Hey Steven Speilberg,

      That other dirty nasty word that they all are in Houston is " VULVA "...very similar to Vulga particularly that " C " word that Pouncer is an uses!!!

    • SCI says Digity Memorial is "A symbol of trust, superior quality standards, and attentive care"
      HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa !!!!!!!!!!!!
      Today I received a body that had been embalmed by a SCI firm. The appearance and odor were terrible.....the gown and sheet were soaked from leakage.......
      Vulgar pigs, I would say.

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