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  • capp012 capp012 Jul 19, 2002 4:13 PM Flag

    What a bunch a Wheeners

    Whiner, Winners, Weanies Wheeners...
    You guys are really amusing.
    Thanks for making my day.
    really how do you boys really feel.

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    • are over reacting.
      1. Pullins had a fall out with Hunter. he was replaced by two young and determined men. Leadership succession tells me the company is ready to continue and move forward.
      2. Dignity is moving forward. Brand name is excellent.
      3. Insiders have bought this stock at $4.00 just recntly.
      4. Srv has increased cash flow and have paid down the debt.
      5. The fundamentals are in place and this company has increased volume and the second quarter is going to produce excellent revenues.
      6. Markets have over reacted and will return back to their normal levels. Sept. 11 had a reaction like this and moved back up. We forget easily. This is a buying opportunity for all of us and make a quick $$$.
      I would not panic because this market has done this in the past and has made us all money.

      SRV is on the upward swing. The case in Florida will be decided on SRV's behalf. A company outside the DCI bought a private firm. A few years later, the compay was being sued because of fraud. The judge threw it out because he said that a company that bought another company in good faith is not bound to the corruption of the private firm. SRV bought Florida in good faith. The former owner will be liable for their actions. Remember Bush is a good friend of the Corporation and a precedent has been set. SRV was not in ownership of these two cemeteries at the time. SRV is a STRONG STRONG BUY.

    • C'mon capp012, can't you see you're only doing a different version of the same thing? Emotions can be managed without winning and throwing around a bunch of patriotic platitudes. In addition, you seem as though atop some imaginary throne. This is all in your own head. It's no one else's problem.

    • As i've done frequently before, I'm buying soon to hold for a higher price. Never Lost before,,,but theres always a first time. Then again,,, Monday may be THE capitulation day we've bin wading for.....maybee I'll buy a better stock. Hold off on this baby,,,,It's going lower because there is better hunting elsewhere.....bye

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