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  • lookingatsci lookingatsci Nov 20, 2002 1:47 PM Flag

    Undertakers shun Hindley funeral

    Up to 20 undertakers have refused to handle [child murderer] Myra Hindley's funeral which takes place under tight security tonight.

    The Prison Service was forced to hire a firm 200 miles from Cambridge

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    • Srv has poor mgmt,scandals , no ethics but crooked friends in high places! Would not recommend as a buy to anyone though.

    • Did you get that boys?

    • No-Siree Mr. Tedco!!! I was just savin' the best for last! ;)



    • when srv opened lower. Folks srv is a laggard because its not followed by many and usually its down on up days but today it came back to finish up. Good sign technically volume rising slowly my goal is 3.50 short term resistance and if it breaks through it 4.40 resistance and finally jan 02 res at 5.5 almost a double from here. You gotta pay attn to volume. people are coming back to the mkt and even srv will get some inflows..just mho well see tom'w bye

    • I thought you would simply ignore me!

    • Dear Mr. Tedco,

      I think it is a little sad that people's remains got dug up but to tell you the truth? He ain't gonna know the difference. And the market knows it ain't Mr. Robert Waltrip or Mr. Thomas Ryan OR their mamas OR their ex-wives who dug up them bodies!!!!! I say it was just as likely them godless atheist if not Satanic class action lawyers who smelled stupid and chased after it like a rancid piece of meat!!!!!

      There ain't nothin' we can do but try to install values in the youth of America just like President GW Bush is always sayin'. If we did that I think it would be good in the long run for ole SRV, because they'd have to clean up their mess!!!! People would CARE enough to tell the elderly not to buy overpriced preneed funeral packages rather' than hopin' Gramps remains get dug up so they can sue!!!! The bad people at SRV and everywhere else are countin' on the TRANSIENCE of the American society to take advantage.

      And, I have to say the odds on future disintegration of the social structure as well as the money to be made off it in various ways are pretty darn good!!!!!!

      Corpsegate ain't goin' nowhere. GW has intervened on SRV's behalf before. And, I bet he'll do it again!!!!!


    • tedco posts:

      "so his family is suing, so what else is new?"

      Thank you tedco, that was beautiful! I loved it!

      In fact, your response reminds me so much of the attitude Mr. Ray Loewen had--when he was given the opportunity to settle for just a few million. But in that case, nobody's remains were dug up, and tossed in the woods. Just some legal crap over a business deal--and you see what was the end result.

      So tedco, if you want to say that the Menorah scandal is no different, I'll take your word for it. LOL!

    • EOM

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      • Nice post oberhuff1,tedco sold too soon.
        Insighters buying $ 1/4 million of stock last week. Cluster buying is intriguing enough to make me wait for larger gains.The reasons? don't matter, what matters is the price/volume movement and today was a GOOD one for us longs.
        The insiders (more buys to follow IMHO)have advance info on 1.lawsuit events 2. Pending asset sales 3. Stock/Bond buybacks it makes sense in the case of bonds..being at a discount.
        Todays move is a precursor to better news ahead.........bye

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