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  • sci_encefiction sci_encefiction Nov 20, 2002 4:23 PM Flag

    Undertakers shun Hindley funeral

    Nice post oberhuff1,tedco sold too soon.
    Insighters buying $ 1/4 million of stock last week. Cluster buying is intriguing enough to make me wait for larger gains.The reasons? don't matter, what matters is the price/volume movement and today was a GOOD one for us longs.
    The insiders (more buys to follow IMHO)have advance info on 1.lawsuit events 2. Pending asset sales 3. Stock/Bond buybacks it makes sense in the case of bonds..being at a discount.
    Todays move is a precursor to better news ahead.........bye

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    • Sad but true. Bought too soon, sold too soon. I need the Willie boys now to re-load. However, still hold a few and really would not mind paying up if it runs.

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      • ...could have been worse, uncle could have bought AWGI.....seems like some VERY interesting developments going on there.....

      • Maybe not. Tedco is no dummy when it comes to making a buck, and he knows the SCI shareprice often rises on days when his other stocks are all taking a dive.

        However, tedco will still never give his oponion on what the Menorah deal will cost SCI.

        After all, I asked tedco about the remains of the Jewsih man which were positively identifed by DNA testing, and that the man was a decorated U.S. colonel, and his family is suing SCI with all the evidence they need.

        I just wanted to hear what tedco believes the plantiff's family will settle for in terms of $$. But, no matter what tedco "really" thinks, he just wants people to keep buying--so he can drain every penny out of the stock.

        And that, is how his plan comes together--no matter what he tells bubbanear!

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