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  • profit_or_loss profit_or_loss Nov 22, 2002 11:06 AM Flag

    kind of strange that insiders are buyin

    considering that this company is a POS and will go bankrupt soon.

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    • Yep strange enough to invest igate meanwhile STEI is at low of day srv is at high.

      Apples and Oranges thats you fundamentalists and we techs. Yes its a POS no argument there except that youre not makin money an we are. We keep a tight watch on our positions as not to become like you fundmentalists sic $ 3.25 yeah baby. a 20% pop from last few days. It's probably due to Insighters buying. And speaking of you fundamentalists what gives? why are the people in the know buying while you outside the loop shit on us? Look in the mirror and repeat this "i am a moron" of course you guys arent really, but you are ignorant of the day to day ops till its too late to act on it. Customers are unhappy puhleeze people forget after a while. SRV is like HRB in that volume will take care of problems. bye

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