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  • howdeedodat howdeedodat Jul 21, 2003 2:48 PM Flag


    What would I have today if I bought $10,000 worth of SRV 10 years ago and let it accumulate?

    Serious answers only please.

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    • Ironically - not enough to cover your funeral expenses ...

    • Hey Howdeedooodee,

      You asked " Serious answers only please " here it / they are..

      1) You would have lost ya shirt.

      2) The Mrs would be right up ya like a rat in a drain pipe. and beating the shit out of you with a frypan night & day fro loosing the family retirement funds.

      3) If you loaded up pre 99 with $10 million you today could still call ya self a " millionaire "....might only be $1 million but at least your still a millionaire and thats all that counts with dudes like you & Gordon Gheeko.

      4) You would more than likely be very upset and frustrated and want Wallys head on a plate.( like most others )

      5) You may even be classed as a pumper boy trying to beat the family fortune back to dizzy heights.

      6) Your hemmoroids would be as itchy as all hell and wished you had invested in companies that make the cremes to ease the pain, and those that produce gut lining medcine to help prevent the ulcers from busting out like aliens .

      7) You would have this " basket ball " feeling in ya gut for loosing ya pants....this is capped off by your nerves shattered

      8) All in all you acknowledge that it was only money, you had been ripped off black & blue and be ( rightfully )fairly pissed off...other than that the Sun will come up tomorrow and you can go thru it all again.

      The list goes on if you wish...

      Hope this helps... :)

    • you would have clobbered enron! mci!.But what would you have if you bought srv2 and 1/2 yrs ago at 1.75? 10k then is worth almost 40 k today,couda shouda woulda is for whiners.

    • Suggest you do a 10 year chart that is available on Yahoo and it will give you a good answer. As far as dividends, that is another question as I am not familiar with the policy of the first 7 years of the period but speculate that it couldn't be much if any.
      Answer is "pathetic" probably because of the sharp contraction of a few years ago when so many in the industry had problems because of the extremely high prices paid for properties. Hope this helps.

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