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  • masteranalyst masteranalyst Aug 1, 2000 1:20 AM Flag

    $200million asset sale, buying more SRV

    a new baseline appears to have formed near 2 and
    5/8 give or take

    the effect of earnings from
    last period is pretty much known

    sale of
    insurance company bringing in $200 million should help take
    some of the pressure off, either for debt service or
    meeting current liabilities, outsourcing of preneed
    policies still will be handled thru
    Fortis, a much
    stronger company currently which will yield benefits to
    Service Corp International over the longer

    Doubling up my position right here in SRV--perhaps its
    time for others to consider doing the same

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    • I agree that local sales counselors' incentives
      are important, however I am more motivated by doing
      my job, and getting paid accordingly. Very few
      incentives that have been offered locally, or nationally,
      have ever made me want to do my job better or
      different. I'll take the extra pay they're willing to give
      me, but the bulk of my income comes from writing
      sales agreements, and I need to do that on a
      daily/weekly basis!

      As for the national programs,
      "bright lights" and "SCI Olympics", maybe they are a
      small percentage of the total volume, but given the
      fact that very few appear motivated by them, why
      bother? Why not just readjust the comission structure so
      that the sales people are ALL paid fairly.

      well. Just my two cents, for what its worth.

    • i have it bookmarked....let me see if i can get an address...

    • i feel that sales counselor bonuses are
      important, especially in light of the commission cutbacks
      this year..... however, the national bonus plans like
      "bright lights, big city" and "sales olympics" were not
      well thought out, and were NOT motivational to
      employees, for a number of different far as
      the amounts given out, the total is actually quite
      small, as a percentage to total volume....less than 1%,
      if i recall correctly.....

    • Tedco: Welcome back. I was wondering where
      everyone's been!

      Bubbanear, as an employee, how do
      you feel about the sales incentive, SCI Olympics? Do
      you think the company should be giving away this kind
      of money when the stock is below $3.00 a

      Do incentives like this motivate you to increase
      your sales? The don't for me, and I wonder what other
      employees think.

    • i wasn't refering to me personally....was
      refering to sci......just remember, timing is
      everything.....and some sci people understand that principle,
      despite the lack of understanding at higher levels....

    • did you get your info on SAB 101? Is it published somewhere?

      Thanks in advance...

    • �The right kind of investor [takes] added
      satisfaction from the thought that his operations are exactly
      opposite to those of the crowd." -- Benjamin Graham.
      Quoted a wise man on the STEI board recently.

      a few. Don't be left out. You want to have to work
      that hard.

    • SAB 101 won't happen till 4th one really knows what will, or will not, be inckuded or excluded.....

    • nonperforming assets and still owe

      why doesn't sci report how much money they gained
      with the sale of an asset or report if they are still
      reporting a loss when that asset is sold? does it matter -
      sure it does. it would let the marketplace for the
      stock know if management is doing a good job or

      currently the marketplace does not have any confidence in
      srv corp/stewart/loewen or any of the other companies
      that overpaid for assets just to show up the other
      funeral companies!!

      the buying binges of the last
      ten years was an ego trip for the heads of these
      companies and i for one have enjoyed seeing them squirm in
      their own poop!!

      unfortunately, shareholders
      have suffered. at what price will you shareholders
      revolt and demand that management run this company
      before they end up like loewen??

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