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  • funeral_gadfly funeral_gadfly Oct 9, 2000 10:47 PM Flag

    Bull Derrick


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    • LC writes: "In fact, with the brazen rape of $84
      MM in preneed funds in Fla. by SCI and Stewart last

      Hold on, Rape is a violent crime that has occured. An
      action is not a Rape until identifiable damage has

      You and I both agree that the withdrawal
      of the funds, which is perfectly legal under Florida
      law, is illadvised, is detremental to consumer
      confidence, has a likelyhood imperilling the funds, etc. But
      to label the act a rape is entirely

      How about venting some of your outrage, I will join
      you, in the direction of the shortsighted idiots that
      allowed such a provision to get written into law in the
      first place. Some of them should be identifiable. You
      have contacts in Fla, Conex should be able to get you
      chaper and verse.

      Even editorial license has it's
      constraints. The attempt to create crime, ie rape, out of your
      sincere and justifiable concern, is too far outside the
      limits of license.

      And for those of you who do
      not know, I am not employed by SCI, nor Stewart, I am
      just a major fan of reasoned discussion and thoughtful
      conclusions. And, yes, I forget to be reasonable and
      thoughtful sometimes.

    • "Medicaid eligibility is the ONLY--the ONLY--time
      it makes any sense to prepay." LC

      LC, as
      usual, in your haste "to be right", you misinform.
      Quickly consider just a few other reasons a person might
      wish to prepay.

      1. You are Gay and your partner
      is by law not your legal next of kin, and your state
      law protects your right, as Washington State law
      does, to have your wishes fulfilled unless it is an
      undue hardship on your NOK. Pre-arranging and prepaying
      make infinite sense in this case.

      2. You are
      alone, your assets are not overly liquid. You wish to
      spare your neighbor the hassle of paying for the
      funeral out of their pocket subject to later

      3. You wish cremation, you feel your family has some
      reservations. You arrange and prepay, thereby giveing your
      wishes the protection, even if only moral protection, of
      a contractual arrangement that your family will
      likely respect.

      4. Your spouse is a bit of an
      emotional scatterbrain, and you wish to spare your spouse
      the emotional stress of the arrangement and payment
      process. You pre-arrange and pre-pay. And answer to God
      for your less than charitable prejudgement of your

      There are more, but I have to go to work, Please be a
      bit more careful of your use of ONLY and NEVER LC,
      they make it sound like you have not thought things

      With respect, Dave

    • some of what you say is right on the money, yet
      others lead me to believe you are too radical. As far as
      the future of the funeral biz - the internet will
      change it dramatically, prices will come down and many
      fueral homes will go out of business. Consumers will be
      the winners. I sort of see it to being similiar to
      the dairy farmers, the little family farms (that were
      not effiecient) went out of business. A leaner meaner
      funeral industry will emerge.

      Memorial societies
      will still be for nerds though, I afraid to say... :)

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      • Sinatra 911

        I also believe the internet
        will impact this business, though on the fence as to
        exactly how.

        Do you feel commercial success
        along the business to consumer channel is the greatest
        change to come; or will the effect be more along the
        lines of consumer choices
        influenced by content


        The family farm comparison is interesting.
        chance that Federal Agriculture and Import policies and
        programs had a hand in the decline
        of the family farm,
        over your inefficient market theory ??

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