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Uranium Resources, Inc. (URRE) Message Board

  • perterberu3o8 perterberu3o8 Nov 17, 2008 3:40 PM Flag

    very bullish buying.....

    lets hope it continues into the close;

    lots of impetus to move urre higher, not the least being its current rediculous valuation;

    forsys was taken over friday with a valuation of 8$/pound in the ground; urre currently gets 30cents per pound; can anyone tell me where we go from here?;

    spot price is moving back to to 60 this week; it is not published yet on uxc site but there were some tx'ions at that price; lets hope there are more at that price soon to legitimize it; each 10$ in the spot price is worth a billion of rock to urre so you get great leverage with this name imho;

    imho, we could see utility buying move the spot price upwards of 70 before year end as sellers get a little revenge for all the forced liquidation recently;


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    • URRE has a lot of cash on hand. why aren't they doing a buyback, or are they?

    • just as this stock was being sold down over past few months, it is now being bot up again;

      clearly, hedge funds selling and crossing below the 1$ mark were events which forced the shares to the current level;

      smart investors now buying up shares again and volume makes the move validated; however, we do need to see a sustained move off the bottom and back to 1$; a good stock can only stay down so long before it is no longer any good; at some point, any stock being accumulated must bounce off of bottom, urre's time to shine once again has come;


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