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Uranium Resources, Inc. (URRE) Message Board

  • taffy123414 taffy123414 Sep 22, 2010 10:06 AM Flag

    I doubled on URRE, should I SELL or Hold?

    I have HIGH hopes for all Uranium companies like URRE and I also Hold USU and wont sell that one.

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    • Alw, I don't think 'pigs' is the correct word
      for someone whr is still holding. Didn't expect such a faux pas from you.
      For the moment it is important that URRE holds the 3rd day above 1 $ to avoid delisting.

    • I'm still here, Trade, just thought I'd give you a "day off"; but since you asked, I think this is the beginning of profit taking today. Price on URRE ran up to $1.20, now back to $1. Could well trade in the $0.75 - $1.25 range for a while, while the market figures out if the proclaimed "Recession Over" call by economists is right. If it is, then it's a jobless-houseless recovery, which is a rarity in our history.

      You're right about one thing: URRE is a trading stock and not an investment-grade stock. Holders should ALWAYS be on the lookout for points at which to buy and sell. Trouble is, too many holders got in above $2 and HOPE to see that price again. Thus, whenever we have a run-up like last week, they HOPE it will continue right on up to where they bought ... which almost never happens in one giant step. Take small-medium gains several times to recover your losses.

      For those who asked, should I sell now with a 100%+ gain? Absolutely! Bulls, make money, Bears make money, but PIGS get none!

    • Alw still around to bash, I wonder why he has not come out on this down day yet! I am still stuck with 30k shares for 2 years. I might have to sell them all at $2 ($1 loss) if they ever get there, consider dead money. Can't sell can't buy. Missed all opportunity at 42 cents.
      This is not a company anyone should invest for long term unless you hope for a buy out. When Uranium spot price is above $75 a pound, it will be ripe!

    • WoW, Trade crazy to still see you here my friend!

      I've been gone a long time. Geez seems like yesterday when I was trading URRE in the $10-13 range (no pump intended).

      How has your investing/trading been going friend? Mine has been so-so, not much either way, just kind of flat-lining of late.

      Hope to be around here to catch up with you, any of the old guys still around?

    • I got out at $1.15. I think we'll have the opportunity to buy back again below $1. The deal is they don't make any money for a couple years - I therefore expect earnings to be negative for three years or so.

    • Buy more if you can....prices will go up for many years

    • Due to sell off some time you would think???

      Up 10 or 11 days in a row now!!

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