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    As I posted

    Don't worry you will get out alive, you might not even want to get out when it hits your entry price. I think I told this before.
    I build a large metal building so a friend of mine could build his little aircraft carrier with a three mot airplane. A stable platform for the ocean to live and work on. A module to form a colony and escape for folks who want to be away from land in the coming energy crises. He and his father both nuclear engineers predicted the energy demand for a long, long time and their curves have been spot on. Very soon the curves are showing big problems when oil production levels off.

    The clock is ticking for nuclear power to make up the difference, but it actually is already too late for the USA to escape unharmed. What do they say ????

    MARK THIS POST :-) :-)

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    • Right on.
      I used to work in engineering Nuclear Plants and these plants do have problems but, with decades of refinements and a world wide energy demand spike about to accompany this economic recovery, Nuclear energy investment will drastically help our future economic growth.
      Other nations see the wisdom in this (France and China) I hope the U.S. will follow suit.

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