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    OT: PTM - my next penny stock pick

    JP, every time I invest into a Canadian mining company I have to swallow hard. We used to have a Biotech company in Canada.

    The CEO was hard to reach, always in meetings. So here I am talking to his secretary and she tells me he is in a meeting.
    I call back a few minutes later and she is on the phone with the name of a mining company. This crook was running out of our office also a mining company beside our Biotech company. That was his last day working for us, but every time I invest in a Canadian mining company "Victor" comes to mind. Let me know if you fall over him as a CEO. LOL

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    • Getting into URRE ( on a pullback))
      Much cheaper than a broken Bio like Amylin.
      Great drugs weak management

      I will say the water quality sure has improved in 40 years in san diego ))

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      • <<I will say the water quality sure has improved in 40 years in san diego >>

        I use the water from my own wells and that gets better all the time. LOL But the water district is charging me anyway, they call it standby fee. That standby water which is not even standing by at all of my properties, is leaving a bad taste in my mouth and it is getting worse, so I cannot confirm your observation. :-) :-)

        With our Uranium it will be the same, the quality will improve as we will sell it in the future. At least this is what we will say.

        Sad that BIIB is leaving town, I made a fortune on IDEC. I knew the company , when it was "three men". The most important one, .......can't tell. :-) :-)

        Great talking to an Oldtimer in San Diego with fine water tasting buds.

        Don't you think we are special smart right here. I have to be careful to get too smart. Folks say they will punch my nose if I get any smarter.

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