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  • trade_logic trade_logic Nov 6, 2010 3:22 PM Flag

    Nuclear deal with Idian?

    The president announced trade deal with India today in his 10-day trip in Asia.
    "There is no reason this nation can't be one of our top trading partners," the president said.
    To that end he said the U.S. would put forward a package of reforms on export controls that resulted from past administrations' concerns about India's nuclear industry. "
    USA don't sell Uranium to India, it goes somewhere to buy anyway.

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    • trade lots of info under searches like;

      USA India uranium trade

      Just one of the links :

      India is also mining its own Uranium in Africa.

      I am sure that the basic nuke accord between the USA and India will be the model to work with other Non NPT countries

      But the fact is. India is anxious to secure its Uranium demand and will include the USA in their supply chain.

    • India does not need Uranium to run its power plants, most are based on thorium which is sourced from inside the country.

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      • India is forced to use Uranium since development has always run into difficulties and international Nuclear power countries do not want India use Thorium due to concern over weapons proliferation risk of U-233 (if it could be separated on its own).

        "Much development work is still required before the thorium fuel cycle can be commercialised, and the effort required seems unlikely while (or where) abundant uranium is available. In this respect, recent international moves to bring India into the ambit of international trade might result in the country ceasing to persist with the thorium cycle, as it now has ready access to traded uranium and conventional reactor designs."

    • India. I put the "n" in a wrong place.

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