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  • bovinicuss bovinicuss Dec 23, 2010 1:53 PM Flag

    OK...what's happening here...

    trending down now....just when we were sailing nicely.

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    • Yeah right you just keep on dropping all that money into the broker's interest-bearing loan department and let us know how that turns out for you at the end of the month there Mr. Big shot because if it was such a good idea then why ain't everyone doing it, now you're either trading on margin or you're playing with other people's money but if you've got other people's money at your disposal then you're an actual broker and not a day trader, which ultimately leads me right back to my original conclusion that you are really just FOS.

    • I'm with you rader0070. Havin' an eggnog too with a little Jamaican rum and fresh ground nutmeg on top. Yummmmmm...

    • Sorry, i just noticed your comment. i had supper & just got back here. Yes, I margin. That's what allows me to make a quick buck & actually pocket the profit. I never sell all my URRE. I take about 50% of it on Margin & day trade. URRE has been an excellent vehicle to do this. I've ridden this stock from 50 some cents to 3.9 and done quite well day trading on both sides. i haven't found a stock so volatile in a while, and it's fun to play with. So far, working 5k shares daily on margin, I've reaped about 6 figures during the last 2 months. i don't know if I'll ever see this again here, but I did it with FRG and DNDN all last year. I'd say so far, I've been right on the margin effort about 80% of the time. I don't recommend this for anyone else. i'm playing with the house's money (meaning i'm using profits) and haven't ever gotten a margin call since I've got way too much in liquid funds to cover a downturn without that evil 'stop-loss' business being triggered.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I wish you well. Merry Xmas.

    • Epsilon......I did look at the chart and its eerily reminiscent of what happened today. Duly noted. Hope we can have the same fireworks on Monday and shut the hell out of the shorts like Cash-back who want nothing more than to see the stock gap down because he did not buy when he should have. Keep salivating because u wont get another chance like that until 2011. GLTA

    • Hey Cash, why are u bashing the stock? Oh that's right it's MM and shorts like u that want to ruin it for everyone else because u want to make a quick buck. Here, have some eggnog with some arsinic in it and do us all a favor with ur stupid and ridiculous comments.

      BTW......Tell those Staten Island rejects that they are not wanted here in Jersey and they give the state a bad name.

    • Is the market open tomorrow? I thought it was closed because of holiday. I will take a look at the chart. I am not a pessimist. However, in order to maintain upside bias, URRE needs to open next trading day above 3.31 and hold it or else it would send a bearish signal.

    • it might not be a good idea that anyone who bought today at the close sells tomorrow at the open.take a look at the chart for URRE on and around 11/24/10.that also goes for others that complain about the evaporating gain we experienced today.

    • Sdansker, did you say you used margin account? hope that you are not actually trading on margin. Margin calls will kill you if thing goes bad. I got burnt before and now stay away from marginal borrow.

    • yes, but that's because i'm playing with other people's money. After being in the markets for over 50 years and having diversified into many different asset classes, i'm not at all worried about my day trading. when you have as many annuities and properties as i do, you'll feel confidant enough to "play" with funds that you really could live without. BTW, I give all my profits to my charities. It's all a great game to me. Hopefully, when you get to 70 you'll be in same position. I wish you well.

    • Yea man gota print, if not today you got by next experation third froiday or some s.. Man this nog is good. cheers!!!!!!!!!

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