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  • aa_pippo aa_pippo Feb 18, 2013 3:38 PM Flag

    did anybody exercise his rights?

    just curious

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    • I will continue to argue that it is a no brainer to take those shares from URRE by exercising your rights to get shares at $2.55. You can sell 31% of your holdings tomorrow above $3.00 and get them back at $2.55 in a couple of weeks when URRE releases those shares (from the offering.) If you are looking at adding and not selling, it still makes sense to take those additional shares if you believe PPS will stay above $2.55 in near future.

      Again, if you have 10k shares and can buy 3100 shares at $2.55 and first sell those 3100 shares tomorrow at $3.00 (or higher), you are lowering your cost basis by .45 per share x 3100 shares. That is almost $1400 back in your pocket. How hard is this to understand? The move on Friday gave shareholders of record a great opportunity to take advantage of this higher PPS to lower their basis.

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      • I think there is a mistake in your logic. The way I read the rights offering is you can't buy the 3100 shares immediately for $2.55 and then sell them tomorrow for $3.00 or higher. Doesn't work that way the way I see it. You have to have 10K shares on hand on Feb27th to be entitled to 3100 shares @$2.55 e.g. .3119 of your holdings. I do agree with you that it is a good deal, a chance to average down perhaps as a more reasonable bet. But it also could be sending good money after bad money. I am taking a chance to average down by a half, if I can get the additional shares besides my .3119 share.

      • it's not hard to understand, I just want to know if anybody did it already.
        TD Ame didn't free up the shares in my account yet...and i know the rights is about to expire in few days

    • ETRADE allows me until Feb. 25 to place the order so a bit more time to decide.

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