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  • jerrynewburger jerrynewburger Jan 12, 2013 3:29 PM Flag

    Bash Team still working it

    just dropping by to look and i see the usual suspects.
    which is a good sign for us. hold. whover hired them still wanting the shares. be patient though.

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    • btw, its obvious its the same team switching id's .....wage slaves sitting in front of a computrer. Good job boys, does it have benefits?

    • and now the French Clown ! you see Kikitree, it would be hyprocritical of me, save for one simple fact: you and the Frog have never tried to actually have a normal discussion about the stock, pro or con. You boys simply talk about others, or like the Frog, about daytrading bs. so, I fight fire with fire. Of course, debating bashers of your caliber is so easy for me, its really not worth my time. But i do get a kick of the childishness of you and the French Clown~!

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    • I'm not trying to interject politics into a stock msg. board. but i want to point out how they argue, how they debate, how they 'win' when someone argues with them. how the 'tactics' are the same. ---mockery, incredulity, belittling, laughing, name calling, etc.- These are the Basher tactics on a day to day basis; how they are taught to repsond to posts. Just as Gibbs does, or Carney. Its a proven way to stop an oppenent, and it was taught by alinksky and filtered down to any 'organization' that wants to deceive people and squelch legitimate disussion. just remember, this company is in bankrputcy courst and there the law is paramount. not the bs being spewed by the bashers. focus on what really can happen to this company.

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      • "how the 'tactics' are the same. ---mockery, incredulity, belittling, laughing, name calling, etc."

        -Re: Interesting day..
        jerrynewburger by jerrynewburger . Mar 16, 2012 5:03 PM .

        Oh Noooooo its the 'French Clown Waiter' again.....with more goofball comments centering around....u gusessed it, Himself! The French Mime Don Car Loan! Did u loan the money to Bloaqnada for his Audi A8?! Now, if u did, how much interest are u charging him?

        * PS to all ( i am really starting to enjoy the Basher Team, they are going to hang in to the end!)

        It must be tough to get a dose of hypocrisy. Hypocrite.

    • Amazing the similarities of how certain deceiving types of people, argue with others. To wit: watch the clip of Robert Gibbs talking about the NRA ad running now. Gibbs's argument is: its disgusting, stupid, and like someone had been drinking the night before, then composed the ad. !!!! Does this not sound like the bashers' aruguments here? Is there a universal playbook for lying lol lifes? If Gibbs wasn't in poliitcs, he could be a stock basher. Because their replies to any discussion always are to call the opponent stupid and drunk etc. Same way Piers Morgan does it, Robert Gibbs, and the Bashers. Know why? Its right out of the Saul Alinsky Book.

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    • That the basher here likes to say "pump", or #$%$", or "cumpany"? over and over? is it frustration?

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      • yahoo censors changing the 3 letter word for the posterior to #$%# ! gotta love politcially correct obamayahoo company! wouldn't want to to shock the kiddies here. speaking of which, i think we all know the bashers are a group of emotionally stunted young people, with elementary school yard bathroom humour vocabularies, increasingly frustrated at their jobs and inability to converse with the adults. do they really think they keep people away from the shares? or even really affect buys/sells?! but yet someone pays them! a job digging a ditch would be more productive imo. but of course then they would actually have to 'work' for their bread. children. grown children. i fear for my country, you know?

    • That they always use texting slang? And sprinkle in 'dirty' words, again, like pubescent boys? Why is that?

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    • Ever notice the vocabulary level of the bashers here is around the age of a pubescent boy? & yet they're posting about business and bankruptcy?

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    • Still 'topic sliding' by posting idiotic subjects. Don't want any serious talk, now d we?
      Won't work boys! Longs have your ticket. Its just a matter of time till the POR and then POP

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    • is that you Piers?

    • blob,
      you're confused because you think its over! but you keep right on saying that! I know, and the court knows, we're just about to get to the good part! Just keep it 2 cents for awhile longer, ok? i need to make another purchase!

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