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  • jmealie jmealie Feb 6, 2013 11:24 PM Flag

    Blockbuster on Demand Mission

    Our Mission We love television and movies Enjoy next level entertainment

    You’ve known us for years,but who are we now? Well,we’re different. We’ve grown. We’ve changed. Still,one thing has remained the same: We love movies. And now we’re taking that love to the next level. We’re providing you with faster and better ways to enjoy your favorite entertainment. Our catalog of thousands of titles is yours for the choosing and watching. We’re talking hit movies and hot new releases in stunning HD and full Surround Sound. See them on multiple devices. Watch them anytime,anywhere. We want you to enjoy that classic grab-a-movie-and-go experience on your TV, tablet,computer,or phone. This is Blockbuster now. Nice to meet you,again.

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    • blob,
      still with the elmer fudd, making fun of the speech impediments. which is rich, coming from you blob, who seems to so lacking in both character, breeding, and intellect!

    • interesting yahoo censor! did you not like my mentioning of Piers Morgan? Or that i though crazed was last was harry? keep up the good work, you're making the world a nicer place! (sarcasm)

    • harry,
      wasn't there some haziness about how they withdrew? see, my point has to do with why DISH was picked. If there's really no connection between DISH and us, if it was just an auction to sell assets and nothing more, then why not encourage SKtel and get the most bucks? from what i read, the bid goes to the highest and BEST....what is it about the DISH bid that was the "best"? did you know some courts don't even acknowledge the legality of a secttion 363 asset sale unless its with a POR?

    • Oops, I meant SKtel, (not samsung). The court can pick the winner based on the "highest and best" bid (not necessarily the highest bid). SKtel appears to have wanted to bid higher, but DISH was chosen as the winner. my Q to you Harry, is why would the judge do that?

    • harry,
      sorry, guess i didn't make myself clear. why do you think DISH won? I seem to remember that Samsung wanted to bid a higher price but the court picked DISH. is that what you remember?

    • hairy,
      see, i'm not so sure about DISH being so separate from our company. one, DISH has a history of buying companies in bk. two, they sort of got outbid by samsung, didn't they? Did it ever occur to you that if they wanted to buy the whole enchillada, it might be cheaper to buy the assets, then buy the company?

    • harry,
      i've got a question for you, ....why do you think the court picked DISH as the winner of the auction?

      • 1 Reply to jerrynewburger
      • The only bidders were the liquidators like HILCO, Dish, Icahn, and the Koreans. The better question to ask is where was everyone else? People here said Google, Netflix, Coinstar, and a litany of other bidders would be lined up and ready to bid billions. Where were they? Did they not see the value in bidding on the assets? The obvious answer is no and those here that suggested that would occur were proven wrong. Then you had the shareholder President and his gullible yes man who flat out stated they had bidders who were prepared to bid billions. What happened to those bidders? Nomura, anyone? Were the two clowns lying about those bidders? History says they were.

        Some here have stated that the liquidation value would have been far higher than the winning bid. Yet, the liquidators bid even less than Icahn who bid less than Dish. Hmmmmm.

        But keep your chins up on the thought that what happened was not really what happened. Surely, since you believed that the bidding should have been more than what it was then somehow what happened is not what really happened. They've got a word for that.


    • You may as well be referring to IBM, GOOG, CAT, or XOM, since none of those companies are affiliated with BB Liquidating, either. As plainly stated on the Blockbuster On Demand website, "For purposes of these Terms of Service ("TOS") and any customer agreement(s) applicable to any promotion(s) or plan(s) under which you are receiving services from Blockbuster (each, a "Promotion Agreement"): (i) "you" and "your" refer to you, the Blockbuster customer, end user or viewer of the Service (as defined below); and (ii) "DISH", "Blockbuster," "we," "us" or "our" refer to Blockbuster L.L.C."

      You can continue to pretend that Blockbuster LLC is really secretly somehow in fantasy land connected to BB Liquidating, but it is not. That's why your shares are one cent and Dish has a market capitalization of billions.

    • Jmealie, thanks for posting this. Feels different reading it here though, it's like looking at the html code.

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