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  • therealsmoothie therealsmoothie Feb 13, 2013 9:40 AM Flag

    Blockbuster Brasil

    has 19 kiosks in Rio de Janeiro and Blockbuster Brasil (Lojas Americanas) has almost 200 stores throughout the country.

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    • "It is controlled by three Brazilian billionaires: Jorge Paulo Lemann, Marcel Telles and Carlos Alberto Sicupira, the same trio that drives the Anheuser-Busch InBev, GP Investments and other groups. The network sells over 80 thousand items of four thousand different companies.

      In January 2007 Lojas Americanas acquired the Brazilian operations of the network of video rental Blockbuster for R$ 186.2 million and adapted to store the model Americana Express."

      Lojas Americanas wiki. Looks like we have more billionaires in the party. Wohooo!

    • yet another document i found online:

      2008, American Stores and its wholly owned subsidiary BWU, signed with the FAI, Contract Agreement for Assignment
      Mining Law, for a period of 20 years for holding the BLOCKBUSTER ® trademark, with the objective of
      explore the provision of financial products, insurance and social security, aimed at individuals. On account
      this association American Stores and its wholly owned subsidiary BWU received the FAI, the amount of
      U.S. $ 30,600 and U.S. $ 20,400 respectively, classified as Advances for assignment of Mining Law
      (R $ 30,600 in the company and R $ 25,500 in the consolidated), which will be appropriated by the duration of
      contract. The contract establishes the satisfaction of certain performance goals, which must be
      achieved within a maximum period of 3 years from the date of commencement of operation. It was established,
      Moreover, the payment of fines attributable to American Stores, the maximum amount of R $ 25,500 (R $ 12,750 in
      consolidated), if such goals are not met. The amounts of the fines will be calculated in three years and
      will be subject to audit procedures by independent auditors. As a guarantee of fines
      contract by not meeting the goals, the BWU and American Stores bestowed guarantees that the FAI
      correspond to 120% of the total amount of penalties. These guarantees correspond to assignment of
      receivables arising from financial investments contracted by BWU by the affiliates of Banco Itaú
      Holding and may be replaced by a bank guarantee, fiduciary assignment of receivables held by
      Lojas Americanas against REDECARD or against FAI and investments contracted by Stores
      By the American affiliates of Banco Itaú Holding. These financial assets are placed as collateral
      represented by debentures classified under securities and are recorded in
      amount at December 31, 2009, of R $ 29,962 (R $ 27,265 in 2008)."

      I think google translate, translated mining = work and American Stores = Lojas Americanas

      FACT - 27/01/2007 - The Issuer entered into with informed
      Unibanco Empreendimentos e Participações SA contract for the acquisition
      99.99% of the shares representing the capital stock of BWU Trade
      and Entertainment SA ("BWU"), which explores the development and sub
      franchise in Brazil of the rental and sales of DVDs and VHS tapes
      under the BLOCKBUSTER ® trademark in 127 stores ("Stores") located in
      major urban centers of the country With the acquisition will be added to
      American stores over 32.000m ² of sales area and about
      330,000 active customers. American Stores plans to expand the supply of
      Products and services in these shops, preferably using the
      current format of the other stores called "American Express". Beyond
      addition, American Stores signed with Blockbuster International, Inc. a
      license agreement BLOCKBUSTER ® trademark for a period of 20 years,
      enabling (i) the continuing activities of leasing and sales
      DVDs and VHS tapes, and (ii) the use of the mark in certain BLOCKBUSTER ®
      Products previously authorized by the licensor to be
      sold in stores. The price was R $ 186,200,000.00, to be paid
      on May 24, 2007, subject to customary adjustments in this type of transaction
      calculated on the balance sheet closing, to be raised on the base date of
      transfer of the business. The transaction is subject to ratification
      Assembly of Shareholders of American Stores, pursuant to Article 256
      Law n. 6.404/76, to be held in the next 60 days."

    • I think thsi B2W which is a sub of Lojas Americanas, owns more than blockbuster, maybe that is why we see an inflated number. Still reading.........

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      • It has been a while since I looked into this, but I think that is correct. Lojas is a grocery or dept store I believe that had a BB inside. I suspect those numbers are for their entire operations. I seem to recall that was one of the sticking points in their dispute with Dish. Dish wanted a % of their entire revenues and not just those related to the BB component.

    • That is what I am saying, Mark. How can blockbuster brasil with only 200 stores be worth more than Blockbuster Inc in the USA with way more inventory, brand value etc? Let me look more at this document and see if I see any royalty information.

    • If anyone is interested in looking at what looks like a Lojas Americanas financial report, just google this:

      nº 09.114.718/0001-83

      and it will be the second to last result on the first page, with the title:
      2010 - Formulário de Referência - LASA

      I am trying to read it, but my Portuguese is not that advanced and its 355 pages...

    • I've been trying to post this for 10 minutes:

      At the bottom of the page of maquinadecinema website:

      "BLOCKBUSTER name, design and related marks are trademarks of the BB 2009 Trust and Blockbuster LLC."

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