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  • atoymaster atoymaster Jun 20, 2013 1:36 AM Flag

    I am a Investigator in real life....and.....

    the bashers here just don't add up. I investigate crimes, and the bashers are pretty much like suspects who I investigate where their stories don't add up. The biggest thing that stands out to me is bashers like Vagina who says to "pumpers", "I am attempting to drill a concrete fact into your heads, you guys are trying to avoid reality. " What a statement to make. Especially since he does not have any interest in this stock. No one in their right mind would be here on a message board day in and day out with nothing to gain. It would be like standing in line for lottery tickets for months at a gas station, but the only thing is THAT gas station isn't selling lottery tickets. In my opinion, he's not a paid basher either, unless he's really that dumb to admit it and face charges at a later time if someone hasnt already reported him along with the other bashers.
    As for Billy and others who constantly strive to figure this puzzle out, I commend you for all you do. Your theories, no matter if spot on or close to, or not, is better than seeing the posts of these supposed "bashers" try to discredit, slander, and defame others when the "bashers" themselves cannot even come up with in-depth reasoning as to why they think this stock will end. Everything I have seen and read by the "bashers" are round about answers like a suspect who gives me round about answers to avoid getting caught.
    If the "bashers" were really that smart, and really believe that this stock is going to "lava", then they would be posting some in-depth explaination as to why they feel it will. I have not seen one in-depth post yet.
    This is a message board for people who have money in this stock. I come in every now and then because I hold 50000 shares and want to see whats being said from time to time. As Flour says...GLTA and HFG !

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    • Mr. Jersey you are correct. atoymaster is an Investigator in real life. He owns 50,000 shares and because he has $300 on the line thinks he can say "This is a message board for people who have money in this stock."

      $300 is the tip on a fun night out with my buddies.

    • jms1229 Jun 21, 2013 12:37 AM Flag

      Completely uderstand where you are coming from- And a small tip- IGNORE works great when you are here looking for info and less aggravation- Billy and the other Guys- Jerry and others- strive to explain and clarify things- Not "pump". and even " if " they did- it does not influence my decisions. However, Bashers prove nothing, pick and choose what they quote and post, and are always ready to argue! Boiler room thugs- bill collectors, scam artists, magazine salesmen, scam artitist that call the elderly, do not call list violators- we know the type. If one on them posted a backup to their claims an opinion would be warranted. Stay strong- avoid the negative and good luck to you and all!

    • lol laughingstock*tm yes we all know you are an investigator geeeeeeee whiz.

    • Vagina is one of Romo's ten IDs I believe. For some reason, he feels he needs to keep a stockcheese pile of IDs. I personally think he needs medication and counseling. He has spiraled into a cyber world where he thinks this life is more important than his real life, and he can claim dominance, if only in rhetoric. All IMO of course.

    • Zowie! A real investigator. Right here on the BLIAQ board.
      What mall are you an investigator at? Do you have one of those Sedgway scooters to ride around on?

      In any case I'm glad all the fans of the BLIAQ board can read and post in safe and secure comfort knowing a real investigator is keeping an eye on everything.

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