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  • jeff4iam4 jeff4iam4 Oct 7, 2013 1:04 PM Flag

    Enough Already

    I really wish they would hurry up and end this debackle. Either finish BK or reorganize, but do it soon. I still have my 2012 bonds and want this ettled so that I can take my tax losses and move on from this train wreck. We got totally hosed by the last CEO (mr. BK over my dead body...where the hell is his body and why isn't he dead?). Freaking selling a billion dollar in assets for a quarte of what they were worth, yeah that was real smart...unless they were trying some shannanigans, which probably didn't work. At least with a sell of assets, bond holders would have gotten something and the leftover shell might have left some worth for existing shareholders, but they screwed us...screwed us all....except maybe the shorts. Just end this misery....please.

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    • Hey Jeff! wow, sombody else from the 1990's is still here... good to see you are still following. Yes, it is brutal how long this is taking but the insiders who rigged the naked short over a decade or more didn't count on so many retail shareholders seeing through the obvious heist and holding tons of shares till the end. Some of the boiler room #$%$ are still taunting and working against their agenda like idiots. If they would just shut up the board would be a ghost town and anyone on the fence would sell but their egos won't allow that. If there is a paper trail for the illegal naked shorting when this is all over, it would be nice if some of the longs with deep pockets try to persuade the other team of crooks at the SEC to prosecute. Then they can fine them 1% and bank the other 99% as usual. Awesome. Anyway I think BB broke some records for naked shorting duration, with a solid 6 month stretch near the end where we were listed non stop and they used our shares to cellar box the stock. MM level 2 games still in progress but at least they can pat themselves on the back for getting under a penny finally. It took years in BK but they did it. congrats to the lowlife#$%$bag thugs, well done... anyway don't feel too bad I'm sure there are a lot of old longs still checking in and not posting to the sewer that is the BB MB. Nice to see you are still hanging in there, who knows what will happen except the insiders. Still holding till the end, Good luck longs.

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      • Kirby maybe you can start a PayPal campaign to fund an effort to get these paid bashers arrested.
        There are plenty of message board detective willing to provide their testimony and Bill chats with regularly with all the big retail holders so maybe he can get some of them to make some big donations.
        Always good to read your posts Kirby.
        Dont be such a stranger.

      • Well, maybe not 1990s, but definately mid 2000. Anyway, I am me stubborn or whatever, but not giving my bonds up....I will go down with the ship. Although it would be nice to get something for them....doubtful because somehow I always had a feeling that when the DISH asset buyout occurred, something smelled more fishy than normal here. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how a billion dollar book value of assets gets sold for 25 cents on the dollar and none of the bigger bond holders said a word. There were and still are a lot of unanswered questions here. I was #$%$, now I am just tired. I don't need my tax write-offs just yet, maybe when my PPHM finally takes off....but not quite yet. I will continue holding my bonds as there is no sense in selling them when the commission would cost more than what I can get for them. Lava or gold, just wish it would come to a conclusion soon.

    • Oh I think it is fairly safe to say Carlito and is Cronies made out pretty good. I mean why else would they hold that slumber party at Ichan's place behind closed doors just to turn over the tangible assets at "less than book value" and the intangibles at 0. Carlito must have been really confused, either that or he found a away to make him and his mob crew. Another case of Carlito getting his way.

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