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  • marcedrich marcedrich Dec 18, 2007 11:51 PM Flag

    Nintendo Future

    Why is there a presumption that the Wii is a fad that the 360 and the PS3 will overtake? The games for the Wii will only get better as the pool of owners increase. Sales for the AAA PS3 titles are pathetic. Wii fit in the U.S. will open even more audiences beyond the casual gamer one. Also, I presume that there is a DS redesign just waiting to be sprung when sales slow. Also how about colored Wii's and a higher definition Wii. I own all three systems. The PS3 is a failure , plain and simple. It can't even compare to the 360 on the same titles. It appears that the illiquidity of the Wii stock is a real problem. If it were on an American exchange we would be seeing $100 a share (certainly absent the subprime mess going on now). Yes, I do not see it growing as it did when it was $20 per share but it seems to me that the future is quite bright. Just wait for sales figures for Smash Brothers (the largest selling title for the game cube) and Mario Kart. If only the analysts knew more about the game market-i.e. most people looking for a Wii will not buy a 360 or PS3 instead--they are going for the DS.

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    • Yea , I agree with you , Wii is simple to play and more fun than PS3 , I used to be a Sony Fan , my son bought a PS2 , but I never touch it ! with Wii it is more healthy and fun then a pure game machine , even my 80 years old Mom play Wii with us , now I'm waiting for Wii Fit which is another good and interesting product that I'm going to buy. DS is a nice pocket game platform too. As to the Nintendo stock , I bought it in early Jan , 2007 and the return of investment is about 120% , I still keep it. Sony is not a bad company , but it is too big , PS3 can not bring enough profit to Sony because when Sony sell each unit , they loose money on hardware and on the software title , sales volume is far below Nintendo ! Well , let's see the figure on X'mas sell and we'll know who still will domain the game market.

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