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  • ACJaz ACJaz Jan 16, 2008 10:48 PM Flag

    Cause of todays drop

    I saw something on bloomberg about how some analyst thought that the yen dollar could go to 103, but if it were just that one would think that the overall market would be down. It seems like only Nintendo is getting hit tonight so there must be something more

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    • Some investors in Japan panicked after yesterday's tanking and dumped a bunch....the way I see it, while it may be volatile, I think this is one of the best investments you can have in times of a recession (are we in one? every economist seems to have a different answer to that question!).....regardless, Nintendo can't keep with demand at a time when most companies are wondering where all their profits went! Daily fluctuations are a fact of life, but the bottom line is, if a company is gonna make more money, the stock will inevitably go up (eventually)....the P/E according to bloomberg is quite conservative IMHO at approximately 27, and.......oh yeah.......did I mention they can't keep up with demand! Just thought I would point it out again! Holding going into earnings

    • If the dollar drops to 103 yen, then everything Nintendo sells in the US will basically be at a 10% discount. That would be a big headway to their earnings. I am a long term believer in NTDOY but this is why I am glad we have a message board. We need this kind of info to make rational investments.

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