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  • jpsartrean jpsartrean Jan 18, 2008 12:37 AM Flag

    Wii/DS quarterly sales in U.S. and Japan in 2007

    Piecing together what I could from annual/quarterly reports and third party '07 total sales estimate, I've come up with these quarterly unit sales estimates for Wiis and DS in the Americas and Japan for a 'normal' 2007 fiscal year (Jan-Dec).

    Americas Wii sales (10,000s)
    Q1: 112
    Q2: 144
    Q3: 165
    Q4: 209

    Japan Wii sales
    Q1: 86
    Q2: 95
    Q3: 72
    Q4: 110

    Americas DS sales
    Q1: 156
    Q2: 239
    Q3: 193
    Q4: 262

    Japan DS sales
    Q1: 160
    Q2: 208
    Q3: 160
    Q4: 182

    first half/second half comparisons:
    Americas Wii sales: 256 vs. 374 (+ 46% growth)
    Japan Wii sales: 181 vs. 182 (flat)

    Americas DS sales: 395 vs. 455 (+ 15% growth)
    Japan DS sales: 368 vs. 342 (-7% growth)

    But note that my Q4 Americas estimates are based SOLELY off of U.S. unit sales estimates - does NOT factor Canada, Mexico, nor South America!!

    When you consider that the the rest of the world sales are perhaps growing fastest of all, I think Nintendo is going to DESTROY estimates when they report within the next few weeks.

    Luck to longs.

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